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But this time, fictional figure skating.

So I decided to back up a little and reread the scene right before where I left off in Ginban Kaleidoscope before the real Olympics took over my life, and OMG. You know how I was talking about how Lia was going to [spoiler] and how she wasn't awesome enough to do it? Well, apparently she is just that awesome. And how!

So I was talking about how Lia was going to switch to men's singles after the Vancouver Olympics, which seemed impossible given how difficult even triple axels are for women, not to get started on the quad. Well.

Lia can do triple axels.


She can do a quad toe loop.


I guess women have landed quads in real life, too (so Wikipedia tells me), but it's super-rare. Funny how the two skaters who are closest to Lia's achievements in real life are the two Japanese powerhouses, Miki Ando and Mao Asada. Perhaps that bodes well for Tazusa...

Speaking of Tazusa, she's trying the quad, too. It's an awesome scene. Lia shows up at the practice rink Tazusa thought she had to herself. Lia is PO'ed at Tazusa, which is a long story and more spoilers than you need. Suffice to say, Lia steps onto the rink and immediately begins firing off difficult moves. Without warming up, but we'll let that slide. She's the ice queen Lia. Maybe it's impossible for her to be warm.

Anyway, so Lia's doing triple-triples and triple axels and triple-triple-doubles, and so on, and Tazusa has lost her concentration and groove from before. So Tazusa tries a quad . . . but two-foots a landing after two and a half rotations. [Yeah, I didn't know my Japanese was good enough to be able to comprehend that either.] She thinks, "Well, at least I jumped and wasn't cowed by Lia." A moment later, before she can turn away, Lia lands a perfect quad.

So the day before the short program, Lia's intimidation tactics have their full effect upon Tazusa.

What will happen next?!!


On a separate note, Lia is like those people I hate who are in line after you for DDR, then they do the same song you just did just to prove how much you sucked at it. XO


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