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Today I decided to sign up for the Valentine's Day exchange at [livejournal.com profile] shinkumi. I've never done a V-Day exchange before, but I figured an icon or a wallpaper is no longer beyond my abilities and shouldn't be very time-consuming. If I'm feeling really motivated, I might make a Winamp skin, but that's highly unlikely. As should be patently obvious, I do not write fic anywhere near quickly enough to gift it.

So I guess that put Shinkumi on my mind.

After dinner, I started reading the article I'm reviewing for STLR, which is a lot longer than the one I edited last term. [Review = read and make a recommendation as to whether the journal should accept for publication. Edit = go through and fix stuff.] So between sections, I started getting distracted, and decided that I wanted to make a Shinkumi icon I've been thinking of making for a while, using this scene from volume 8 where Kumiko is in her schoolgirl disguise and is practically fangirling over Shin. [The truth behind what's going on, of course, is very different, but I thought it would make for a great out-of-context icon.]

I . . . I ended up coloring it. ._.;;

As the comm post says, I've never shaded anything before. I've been doing more colorizing lately for my Zaphkiel icons, but I just rely on the original art to provide the shadows and color variations. [The only exceptions are a few gradient fills, and highlights in Anael's hair.] So yeah, what followed was a lot of fudging and screwing around. Elbows and knees are hard, and they're probably still wrong. ^^;; And the final result looks hardly spectacular -- although I liked to turn off the line-art layer because then it almost looked like I knew what I was doing. I don't know if I'll do it again. But I guess it was a good experience.

Much credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] nendil, who not only has helpful tutorials posted at AFC -- OMG, magic wand and bucket-fill when you've got pure line-art <3 (but sadly it doesn't work for most of Kaori Yuki's stuff) -- but also from whom I've heard lots of random tips over the years, like use blue for shadows on white. ^^v

I haven't done an icon purge to upload the new icon yet, but I'll get around to it eventually. It says "fangirl", which I originally intended to refer to Kumiko's squeeing, but I when I look at it now I realize it has the ideal double-meaning of Kumiko's fangirling and being a fangirl of Shinkumi itself. :D

Speaking of fangirling... (Spoilers up through Gokusen 8, in case anyone cares.) )

And finally, some meta about tags: I realized that the "fandom" tag is used extremely inconsistently. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it from now on. Also, I wonder if I should change the "gokusen" tag to "shinkumi"? Eh, well, you guys should be able to figure it out. ^.~
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[For new readers (?) and those who never caught the explanation, which I'm sure I had somewhere... "flicking" is Caltech slang for avoiding work and getting nothing done.]

It's been an awesome, much-needed winter break. First, of course, there was the trip to Hawaii. I think there could have been nothing better for getting my mind completely off of law school -- there were just so many new things to see and do. After getting back, I got to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] nendil and other high school and junior high friends, which was great fun. I never want to let go of times like those. For New Year's Eve, we had a family get-together to eat hotpot and play lots of mah-jong. As when my third aunt visited over the summer, it was heart-warming to see so much of the family gathered together, bantering and enjoying themselves.

For all that awesomeness, though, I am in the end an introvert, and this past week has been essential to completing my recharge cycle. I just needed time to flick -- with job applications being the convenient thing to avoid doing -- and revisit things I haven't had the chance to do since starting law school.

Books, games, anime, manga, yay! )

My schedule this semester looks kind of odd. All of my days end at or before 12:15pm except Thursday, when I have my climate change paper class from 4-6pm. This either means I'll generally be coming home early and reading at home -- gotta beat the traffic that starts to get bad around 4pm, which is when I'd leave after torts -- or I'll really be living in the library. -_-;; Last semester I worked really hard to get most of my reading done at the library because I didn't want to lug all my casebooks home, but amazingly only two of my classes have casebooks this semester (constitutional law and advanced civil procedure). My arms and my pocketbook are both grateful.

Tomorrow is my last day of break. The registrar apparently came up with this diabolical scheme whereby, if they began classes on Tuesday and ended on Wednesday, and turned a Tuesday and a Wednesday each into Mondays, they'd come out with the exact same number of school days on each day of the week. o_O;;


Oct. 31st, 2005 03:51 pm
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So I gave in and started watching the Gokusen live action drama. I'd tried watching Densha Otoko a few weeks ago and basically concluded that dramas were not my thing. Obviously, my motivation for watching Gokusen is stronger, but I already had to console myself by deciding that I have no reason for watching the second season since there's no Shin, and by all reports it's just the plot of the first one rehashed. A lot of the online fandom I've found so far centers around the drama rather than the anime, though, so I figured I should see what it's all about. I watched the first two episodes last night around the CDS110a midterm, and I've already become unhappy with most of the changes.

Long rant-ish thing with spoilers. )

Closing thought: I really should cosplay as Yankumi or at least make the costume. It'd be really simple, and also really hard to tell that I was cosplaying, but it's just so perfect. She doesn't even have bangs! I'm always worried that if I cosplay I'll look weird if I don't have bangs, but Yankumi really does have pretty much the same hair as I do, so it's not a problem.
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So we're watching Gokusen in club, which is about Yamaguchi Kumiko, the granddaughter of a yakuza (mafia) leader whose dream is to be a teacher. She ends up at a high school full of delinquents. While she tries to keep her yakuza background a secret, her students keep getting into all sorts of trouble, and she has to draw on her training to get them through it. The leader of the students in her homeroom class is a guy named Sawada Shin. He's a lot smarter, quieter, and less trouble-making than the rest, but he gets them out of trouble and tends to supply their most mischievous plans. I've heard the series compared to GTO, but I haven't seen that, so I can't say how similar their plots are.

The show is full of slapstick humor and really cheesy drama, but for some reason I really, really like it; on the same level as Azumanga Daioh. As usual, I'm really sentimental, and Gokusen actually has a fair number of warm, fuzzy moments... if you get over the craziness.

Anyhow, it occurred to me today during showings that Shin and Yankumi -- the students' nickname for Kumiko -- are a really cute couple. It's just so funny to see Shin's reactions when Yankumi does something weird. And after he found out what she is, the two of them seemed to become a sort of team, helping each other to keep the other students out of trouble. For all that Yankumi has a girly crush on the gang's lawyer, she's really close to her students and has a lot of affection for them that doesn't really fit within the student-teacher relationship. Aaah, they just have so much chemistry!

So yeah. Maybe I'll go make an icon and make that the basis of my new LJ theme. It's been too long since I've been fangirly anyway. ^o^


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