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I guess I at least owe you guys pictures. Especially [livejournal.com profile] nendil, who has been waiting to see the Avatar photoshoot. And considering how much Avatar I've been (re)watching lately...

I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Main Gallery

Some highlights:

Avatar photoshoot starts here. Melon Lord!

Super-awesome FFXIII cosplay starts here.

Chief Pikachu redux. Now with sexy sidekick. But what happened to Charlie the Charmander?! (Cf. 2009.)

With another Xellos.

Pimpin' Super Mario. My first picture, and I think still my favorite cosplay of the con.

Aaaaand... getting those pictures to you took all the time/energy/attention I have for now, so the report itself will have to wait for another time.
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Fanime 2008 | Fanime 2007

Highlights from '08 include:

Tons of Phoenix Wright pictures, starting here.

Tons of Dynasty Warriors (different groups), starting here. I guess 5 was a big hit. (Not like 6...)

Silly poses from the Final Fantasy VII gathering, starting here. And by "Final Fantasy VII" I mean, "90% Advent Children".

A. oryzae.

The best fake-out ever.

And dude, there was this awesome Lina that I'd forgotten about. Why didn't she come this year? ;_;

As for '07, I only went for one day and wasn't really focused on taking pictures, so I can't say there are highlights per se. But there was Hard Gay.
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Main Gallery | Xellos Cosplay Subgallery

The subgallery has some pictures of my costume in-progress with more comments about its construction, in case anyone cares. I probably should have taken more progress pictures, but I was so rushed to just make the thing that I usually didn't think to pause and document. Especially the last few days when it was like: sew until I can't sew anymore; as a break from sewing, pink until I can't pink anymore; as a break from pinking, paint another coat on the staff; back to sewing! @_@

Some other highlights from the gallery:


With the other Xellos.

Seirei no Moribito, squee!

And Candace, this one's for you. (Sorry, I didn't see any Moyashimon this year.)

But there's too much good stuff for me to mention them all, so you should take a look.

Will get the previous two years up as soon as possible, but I have already neglected bar studying too much today. T_T
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Today was kind of a day of panel fail all around. But it's not time to talk about that yet.

Xellos final evolution(-r). )

I have to say that Xellos is a really good cosplay choice. His outfit is relatively manageable in terms of moving around, being able to go to the bathroom, etc. And underneath the cloak, he basically wears normal clothes, so you don't need to strip to be able to go somewhere for dinner after the con. And he has a bag, so you can carry stuff with you and not need to put it down every time someone asks to take a picture. (And black is almost an acceptable choice for the bag color, so you don't have to make or buy something special, either.)

I would definitely want to wear the costume again, whenever my hair being shoulder-length coincides with my attending a convention. But someday I will do Yankumi, too. Even more obscure, yay!

We did find Filia, and as I suspected she had no mace, but we still got a nice action shot. )

And I sang at open-mic karaoke, as I've always wanted to! I thought I should represent for my series more, so I did "Plenty of grit", the Slayers Revolution OP. Unfortunately, the guy did not announce my song (though they did for most other people), so people were probably still clueless as to who I was and what I was singing. But I made at least one fangirl happy: as I walked onto the stage, she jumped up and shouted, "Yay Slayers!" and then as the song started, her eyes widened and she gave a little gasp and just looked so excited. ^_^v That was worth all the practicing last night and editing the track (to cut out that ridiculously long bridge) and burning it and printing out the lyrics and everything.

Tomorrow I will be free of having to worry about stepping on my cloak, or adjusting my tea cozy, or not whacking someone with my staff. It's a short day anyway, so I don't think it's worth the time I spend struggling with the sash. It really is one of those things... the parts I spent so much time on beforehand are more manageable, once I figured out how to do them (though I just realized tonight looking at my reference pictures that I've been overlapping the tea cozy backwards, d'oh!), and the parts that were so simple to prepare (cutting three pairs of different rectangles of fabric) were a pain. We also went through an entire can of purple hair spray figuring out how to apply it best. Today's application was much more even, efficient, and better-looking, in my opinion, though it apparently doesn't show up as well in pictures. It was a nice dusky purple tint, the way I think it's supposed to be.

Anyhow, I feel a little bad about this girl who was dressed as Kurapika that I ran into twice, who told me she kept wanting to take my picture but never had her camera. Now she'll never have the chance... at least not for a year or more. ^^;; But what can I do. There will be a Mudkip hat with my name on it tomorrow, and that will be the extent of my "cosplay". They herd I liek them. :]

[Actually, I like Wooper better, but in general I like them both, and the hats were cute and relatively cheap.]

Getting back to cosplay... Bonus pic! )
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Pics. )

Sadly, there was no Slayers revival from Revolution and Evolution-R. I saw one other Xellos, and that was it for Slayers cosplay today. Also, many people did not recognize me, which is sad. (A group of people told me they thought I was from dot Hack. *facepalm*) BUT! Everyone who did recognize me was very excited about it, and I got glomped on several separate occasions. Forget counting picture requests; I have never cosplayed anyone that made people randomly run up and hug you. :D

One of said girls who glomped me said she would cosplay Filia tomorrow. I'm hoping to find her and do some action poses together. I hope she has a mace, though I doubt it.

Also, posing with the other Xellos was fun. I felt like our costumes complemented each other in what parts we had ghettoed and which parts we had tried to do faithfully. He had a nice wig (though, like almost all Xellos wigs I have ever seen in pictures online, I thought the purple was a little too bright) and the white gloves. But I don't think his cape was lined, and I think my foam sheets and polymer clay broach thing looked better than his cardboard and foam one. Anyway, I'll have that picture later and you can compare. Sadly, he said he wouldn't be Xellos tomorrow, so he will not have the benefit of Filia.

So that was Fanime Day 2 as far as my cosplaying was concerned. Report on everything else later. Though I will say now that the masquerade was quite excellent.
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How does it compare to the text blog, I wonder?

I'm on a boat! )
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I finally made another public Scrapblog. Go me.

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My first go with Scrapblog. See the previous entry for a short review of the site -- I highly recommend it.

Okay, it was kind of sad that, because I never blogged about the trip, I couldn't remember the place names anymore and had to look up a bunch of stuff on tourism sites. -_-;;

Click here for the original page, where you can view it larger.
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Volume 6 of the Moyashimon manga shipped with a large plushie of A. oryzae, the star microbe of the series. We got the last one Kinokuniya had.

Picture! )

It almost makes up for the fact that they completely sold out of the issue of YOU magazine that had the Gokusen 2008 special and couldn't special order it from Japan.

[Moyashimon is this crazy series about a guy who can see microbes -- the microbes are frequently more fun than the main plot. If you search for "Moyashimon" on YouTube, you can find the short clips at the end of each anime episode where the microbes introduce themselves and such. They're so cute~~ ^^]

ETA: Many thanks to Candace, who introduced me to the show. :)
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] thierrys:

Name up to three aspects of my life you want me to photograph. They can be specific, or not so specific.

I'm thinking I'll post the results as replies to the respective comments, unless anyone has a better idea. (I could just keep appending them to the entry, for example.)

I reserve the right to reject any requests I find to be inappropriate for whatever reason. But I trust you guys to be reasonable.

C'mon, my camera needs more love. The only action it's gotten lately is my sister's graduation events and my being too lazy to scan manga. ^^;;


Jan. 4th, 2007 07:38 pm
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For people who want the pictures without narration, the gallery is here. (Flocked, as previously noted. But some of the pictures (any whose link in the entry ends in g1) are not locked.)

Our beloved 50th state. )
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So last night, figuring I wouldn't have time to go through the Hawaii pictures, I played with LJ's gallery by uploading some older pictures I'd been meaning to share. This ended up taking a long time in itself, and then I spent several hours reading Gokusen... -- but anyways, the point is that there are now 3 galleries of old pictures for you to peruse, with the Hawaii pictures still forthcoming. ^^;;

First, I put up some more pictures from our trip to Europe here, which aren't the same as the ones in my original entry.

Similarly, I put up some pictures up here from our earlier bus trip to Yellowstone, which also included other places in the southwest -- or whatever you call the area -- including Zion and Bryce Canyon. Someday, I will also repost the journal entry I wrote back then, which had mini-collages of many more pictures than I put in the gallery.

Last of all, I finally put up pictures from various conventions in a gallery called Cosplay. For some reason, I decided not to scale down any of these pictures as I did the other ones. [In case the subjects want them . . . or something . . . I don't know. ._.] But yeah, there's lots of coolness there, including the awesome UCLA Bleach cosplay, Shounen Bat, Sakaki being bitten by Kamineko, and more. :D

P.S. The travel galleries, including the Hawaii one, are flocked for reasons of nonspecific paranoia. I'll probably post some non-locked highlights in the entry, though, so no worries.


Jan. 23rd, 2006 04:41 pm
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I guess the trend that's been going on for a long time now is not so much that I am less of an online journaller in spirit, but that I write all these entries in my head and less often make it to the computer to preserve them. Maybe I need less of the self-validation that comes from having the words immortalized? Or I'm just too busy and lazy. :P

But it's somewhat unsettling, especially since I just read a section of the social psychology book for class today that talks about how you reconstruct your memories and how inaccurate that can be.

Anyways, yeah. I went to Europe over break. We spent an afternoon in London, then flew to Venice and bussed around Italy a lot, then went to Switzerland, spent two days in Paris, went to Brussels, and ended in the Netherlands. The first thing that struck me was that you really do need to take your time when visiting countries so steeped in history. I guess I knew that from the start. My desire to go to Europe -- mainly England -- was kind of misinterpreted by my dad, I think. I wanted to go see the countryside, and castles, not drive around London and go to the British Museum to see, of all things, Chinese art. We had lunch in Chinatown, too. And this is why I hate Chinese tour companies. It's a lot like how, whenever my relatives visit, we tend to take them to San Francisco's Chinatown. I still do not understand this interest in flying more than 10 hours just to see some other place's pale imitation of where you came from.

Anyhow, I don't want to go through a laundry list of the places we visited, and it's been a bit long for me to do so anyway. There were a few things I wanted to talk about, though.

I guess the first thing people ask is, "What was your favorite city?" I liked Amsterdam. Possibly this is because it was the last place we visited, I don't think so. We took a cruise through the canals, and I just really liked the feel of the city. The canal-front houses were very . . . quaint, I suppose you could say. They were neat and orderly, but still retained their individuality. The canals made the city feel more open and fresh, I think, in contrast to Venice's canals, which were all narrow and made the place feel claustrophobic. [It's kind of scary. I went to talk to Flagan about my senior thesis, and he asked me about Europe, and when I said I liked Amsterdam, he started telling me about the good universities in the Netherlands and suggested that I consider a postdoc there. o_O I wasn't that serious about it!]

Cut for length and pictures. )


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