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[Not sure what that comes from. It just popped into my head.]

Apparently Avery seniors staged a fake Ditch Day today. I'm not the only person who assumed it was just Scurves being noisy and went back to bed. It's nice to know that Avery seniors are doing fakes, I guess, although I wonder how many will have real stacks.

This is another example of where Avery is hurt by not having waited dinners, though. Prefrosh Weekend showed the two extremes. On Thursday night, they arranged a special buffet dinner, and invited a whole lot of profs to dinner and the reception afterwards. It was most impressive. My prefrosh spent dinner talking to Ken Libbrecht about the physics department, and then at the reception heard about humanities double majors from Warren Brown before being mobbed by people like Tom Tombrello, who offered to send her a DVD of Stephen Hawking if she emailed him, and Steve Frautschi, who were both full of stories about Feynman and Politzer and Pauling. The way some professors dote on Avery is definitely one of its strengths, and the turnout we get to these student-faculty types of things.

And then there was Friday dinner. Due to a miscommunication, the dining staff didn't even know prefrosh were coming and almost didn't let them eat because they kept insisting prefrosh were supposed to have some ID that could be swiped. [They'd done that on Thursday as well.] And since it was International Week and the food fair was outside, there were maybe three Avery residents around. Most of the prefrosh just sat and talked amongst themselves, although I managed to snag one before I had to get ready for the concert.

So the International Week thing was exceptional, but the Friday case is definitely closer to the "normal" Avery dinner. There is not this sense like in Blacker that I can just walk in and sit down at any random table and probably hold a conversation with the people there, too. And it's not like Avery can invite profs to dinner everyday during Rotation, so this is the side that prefrosh are going to see.

Then again, who knows how the joint dinners in Chandler will go.

Unrelated thing that I was going to tie in to the "morning" theme: I went to PCC this morning to collect rye grass for my research. It made me realize just how obsessed Caltech is with having meticulously kept lawns. Is this where our tuition goes?


May. 5th, 2005 04:13 pm
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Will be living in Avery 132 next year. The pick right above me took 240 Michigan. In the end, it's probably a good thing, as I would have been really torn between picking a single in Avery and picking the house, and this way the frosh can't blame me for not pulling them in. Still, it might have been neat to live off board and in a house and all. Ah well, plenty of opportunities for that in the rest of my life.

So now I should definitely push for my alley names. (No, not the Nazi ones.) Ryan said he was going to call one of the alleys "Bridge", and Arthur had repeatedly been suggesting that we draw from [Norse] mythology, and the combination set off a wild train of thought that goes something like this:

Instead of Bridge, Alley 7 is Bifrost. Then Alley 8 is Midgard, and Alley 6 is Asgard. Alley 1 is Niflheim, and Alley 4 is Muspelheim. Then Alley 5 would be Hel(heim).

Alley 2 and Alley 3 (where I'll be living) are still kind of open at the moment. Before I had Alley 2 as Vanaheim, since it's under Asgard, but you could also switch Alleys 6 and 8 and make Alley 2 either Jotunheim or Svartalfheim. Alley 3 could be Ginnungagap, because it's between Niflheim and Muspelheim, but that's long and hard to say and not as cool-sounding as the other Norse names. Right now I'm wondering what might be closest to a land of trolls in Norse mythology -- I thought Ymir gave birth to an eight-headed troll, but apparently there weren't enough of them to have their own world. Because trolls live under Bridge. :P


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