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[Yeah, so I didn't have time during the week to both go online and watch the Olympics, so I was alternating. Will belatedly reply to comments after this.]

Evan won. Mneh. Not that I think the results were wrong, I just wish Plushenko had skated better and achieved his goal of being like Dick Button. I guess he's not as stone cold as he looks. Didn't he implode in Salt Lake City, too?

I was so pissed off at NBC that the moment Evan inched out Takahashi in the short program, they completely forgot that Takahashi existed. It was all "American guy versus invincible Russian!" And "his score is so close to Plushenko's!" Ignoring the fact that the delta between Takahashi and Lysacek was way smaller than between Lysacek and Plushenko. NBC never once showed Takahashi between his program and the medal ceremony, and didn't even say the stupid "he's guaranteed a bronze medal at this point" thing. I mean, it's Japan's first men's figure skating medal. It would have been super-cool for him to get gold, especially after Shizuka Arakawa in Torino, but after he fell on the quad... well. I would say, "He should have won gold." By which I mean the scoring system should be changed such that you get credit for attempting a quad, even if you fall. Not that I know anything about the scoring, like I said. But anyways, I need to go find a Japanese news broadcast or something, to see all the footage of Takahashi's reactions, rather than Evan's.

Before I leave the top 3 guys, I have to note that Plushenko made me LOL with his wiggling. Is that the stiff old fogey version of his Bielmann spin? XD

So, the others.

First of all, I forgot about Florent Amodio when I talked about the short programs. I don't really remember what it was about him, but when I saw his name again during the free skate, I remembered being intrigued.

And Nobunari Oda! I like him. He's so adorably serious and earnest. The NBC announcers said it was immature, like something out of a juniors competition, but I loved his Charlie Chaplin routine. And he handled the broken laces so well. I agree, [livejournal.com profile] solidark, that he doesn't connect with the audience in the same way as some others, but he's so . . . stereotypically Japanese, and yet a beautiful skater. I also found it hilarious that NBC felt the need to point out that he's the 16th or whatever generation descendant of Oda Nobunaga. With that and then ignoring Takahashi, I get the feeling they have no idea how to present the Japanese skaters to the American audience.

Poor Joubert! NBC didn't even air his free skate. From the score, it seems like he just lost all spirit to try. ;_;

And then we come to Johnny Weir.

No Poker Face. :(

But his program was beautiful. So I can't really complain. I was really torn at that point, because I didn't want him to knock Takahashi off the podium, but I didn't want him to get a low score either. Saved by supposed lack of technical difficulty. But I think he knows he won in a way that probably means more to him anyway.

So that was Olympic men's figure skating! I really need to keep paying attention this time and catch the World Championships. And then, I'm trying to decide whether to watch tonight's ice dance compulsory dance. I feel like every time it's cool at first and then I get bored out of my mind, and since the better skaters tend to go later, that doesn't work out so well. I might just wait until original dance on Sunday.

Okay, time to go fangirl some more in comments. :D

ETA: Poker Face. ^______________^

(Couldn't decide which clip won out in terms of better camera angles/lack of annoying commentators/enthusiastic fangirl cheering, so I give you both.)

Date: 2010-02-20 01:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] solidark.livejournal.com
I think Oda is still incredibly young so I'm sure he will develop that ability to capture his audience sooner or later. I can't think of any really young skater who has the kind of charisma Plushenko, Takahashi or Lambiel have (I mean, yes, Plushenko has it. Normal skaters can't polarize commentators and audience like that *lol*). And I didn't know he was a descendent of Oda Nobunada! But I love that kind of interesting tidbits no one really needs :D

It just annoys me that the judges like to play moral authority about who has the right to be arrogant and who hasn't. Because wobbly landings shouldn't matter when it comes to quadruple vs. triple jumps. With that kind of rulings, of favouring flawless mediocrity over (somewhat wobbly ^^;;) athlethic skills, they just forcibly keep the evolution of figure skating in limbo like they did back in the 80's and 90's :/

(I'll write more about what I mean later but my Dad is nagging me about going grocery shopping RIGHT NOW so I'll have to stop ^^;;)

Edited: Back from grocery shopping and lunch :D

What I wanted to say is that it's like with Surya Bonaly! Remember her? She was a French skater and the one who introduced the backflip into women's skating (or any skating, actually). I remember watching her as a kid; I was fascinated even though my mom and grandfather (both couch-experts on ice skating ^^;;) grumbled that this was ice skating and not a circus. However, she was the only one and no one else dared to do it, partly because it's risky and dangerous and partly because it didn't get her anywhere, similar to Plushenko because the judges at that time were even more conservative and old fashioned as they are now. And that's why I think the judges are killing innovation and skill by putting Lysacek above Plushenko.
Edited Date: 2010-02-20 03:57 pm (UTC)


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