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One of the pieces of spam I received recently managed to avoid my filter by quoting a passage from The Bourne Supremacy, by Robert Ludlum, minus line breaks, quotation marks, and apostrophes. The Bourne trilogy happens to be among my favorite books -- and I'd appreciate it if you would forget that the movies ever existed.
From: Muiris Joynt [mailto:muirisjoynt@wombat.net]
Sent: Friday, December 09, 2005 12:59 PM
To: Theodora Fusaro
Subject: Re: megascope segregation


Its not Carlos, said Conklin, interrupting. What? Yesterday you told me- Forget what I told you, I was wrong. This is out of Hong Kong, out of Macao. That doesnt make sense, Alex! Hong Kongs finished, Macaos finished. Theyre dead and forgotten and theres no one alive with a reason to come after me. There is somewhere. A great taipan, the greatest taipan in Hong Kong, according to the most recent and most recently dead source. Theyre gone. That whole house of Kuomintang cards collapsed. Theres no one left! I repeat, there is somewhere. David Webb was briefly silent; then Jason Bourne spoke, his voice
[I read everything in plaintext, so this is what it looked like to me. There were actually two embedded images that say Ambien and Viagra.]

I read the first four sentences and was thinking, 'Hm, dialogue without punctuation and line breaks. Interesting.' And then I was about to delete the message when my eyes slid over the words "Hong Kong" and "Macao". And I thought, 'Wait, this sounds familiar. Did they say Carlos? o_O' Of course, reading through the rest makes it pretty identifiable, since it mentions both David Webb and Jason Bourne.

I think that's one of the things I hated most about the movies: the fact that they took out David Webb the quiet, peace-loving scholar who was transformed by his family's murder during Vietnam. So much rich backstory lost! And that's why they couldn't even begin to have the second movie follow The Bourne Supremacy, because the book is full of the David-Jason duality and people he knew in the past.

Bah. I guess I'll stop before I rant about the movies again -- and I haven't even watched the second movie, just read a review with a detailed plot summary, which convinced me to stay far, far away.
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Actually, just one more.
It is a great time to be a student interested in attending a Christian law school. That’s because Ave Maria School of Law and Regent Law School, two of the premier Christian law schools in the nation, will host the Christian Pre-Law Conference in Virginia Beach, Va. on March 2-5, 2006.

The conference brings students, pre-law advisors, professors, and administrators together to discuss how to best train future Christian lawyers. You will experience law classes, interact with current law students, learn how to pursue a legal career, and gain important information about financial aid.

I don't get it. Is there a difference between being a Christian lawyer as opposed any ordinary lawyer? Or a lawyer to just happens to be Christian? My first thought was, "These schools teach you how to fight for the teaching of intelligent design!" But I guess as long as God doesn't want a patent on creation of life, it doesn't really affect what I want to do. :P


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