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As promised, I'm here to bug you to vote in the [livejournal.com profile] animanga_lims Comeback Challenge, in which I've submitted what will probably be my last icon for Round 1.

[I'm quite happy with the results of my experimentation this time, and I learned a whole lot, but it's hard to hope it would be People's Choice and even harder to hope it would be Mods' Choice, so I doubt I'm getting back in. And, in the miniscule chance that I did, I'd almost definitely be voted out the next challenge given the extremely high calibre of icon-makers remaining at this point.]

On the bright side, you only have to vote for 2 icons you like, rather than the usual rooting around for 5 bad ones and giving concrit. The theme is Chobits, so my past comments about CLAMP bringing out the best in icon-makers apply. Go vote!

And while you're at it, take a look at the regular challenge, also Chobits. Isn't it neat to see the difference in quality? ._.

ETA: So there was some crazy last-minute forgotten-entry no-more-mods-choice first-40-votes thing that happened before I could react, and I'm out for good. I could say more about the thing, but eh, whatever.

Here's my entry, which got zero votes. I think it just didn't stand out -- and apparently no one liked the 3 icons that used the screenshot. *shrug*

And, irony of ironies, the theme this week is Angel Sanctuary manga. D: I found this out just now, digging up the link for my comeback challenge entry, and I'd been working on my Zaphkiel challenge all evening because I thought I had to update it every 3 months not 6. On the bright side, I feel like the icons I've made since participating in [livejournal.com profile] animanga_lims are way better than what came before, so some good came of it after all.
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See, I told you I'd get voted off this round. Maybe it's for the best, because I would not want to deal with the Death Note screenshots that are this week's theme.

Here are the icons I made for the competition:

1 2 3
Haruka, from Sailor Moon Kyouya, from Ouran High School Host Club Watanuki, from xxxHOLiC

[There will be a flocked post soon-ish, in which I discuss the comments I received, the competition in general, etc.]
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The third round of [livejournal.com profile] animanga_lims is open for voting. I didn't post a reminder last week because, well, you can watch the community for yourselves. But the theme this week is xxxHOLiC, and CLAMP images always make for amazing icons. Not to mention people are probably working harder as it gets more difficult to stay in the running, and whatnot. So yes. Lots of pretty. Go vote.

Plus, I get the feeling I'm getting voted off this week, so come throw a couple more shovels-full of dirt over my grave, wot?
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In a another fit of insanity, much like signing up for [livejournal.com profile] iconfiend100, but perhaps slightly less crazy, I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] animanga_lims, an elimination contest for icon-making. (The "lims" part stands for "last icon maker standing".) I figured there was nothing to lose, and an icon a week isn't too bad.

Anyways, the point is that the first round submissions are in, and voting is open from now until sometime tomorrow, so you should all go vote! You don't have to be a participant or anything to vote, although you do have to justify your choices. The first week's theme was Sailor Moon, with two possible images (one of Usagi and one of Haruka), and there are a lot of gorgeous submissions, so at least take a look. :)
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...okay, so it's not really a contest.

On study break, I was going through a bunch of screenshots I'd left on my old laptop's harddrive, and threw this together:

It seems like there should be some witty line after the fade to black, but it's beyond me to come up with one. So, please suggest. The "winner" gets his/her line on an updated version of the icon. :P

In the meantime, of course, feel free to take and use. Credit is preferred but not required.

Suggestions on duration of frames are welcome, too. I suck at timing.
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[I figure the icon post itself will get crowded enough as it is, so I won't clutter it with more fangirling.]

So Angel Sanctuary finally broke my resolve not to mass-produce LJ icons. I mean, I've made all of my own default icons, but those are less of the, um, "artistic icon-making" style that I would adopt back when we still made AIM icons. But the art in Angel Sanctuary is just so pretty. At first I told myself I was just going to make a lot of bases and post them to [livejournal.com profile] angelsancicons. But then I realized that cleaning up manga scans is a pain, and if I just went ahead and made icons out of some of them, I didn't even have to do that step because the pixellation would be masked by the colors and textures I was using. Oh, and discovering textures was also good. Slap a manga image onto a texture and play with the blending modes -- my sister likes Hard Light, but I prefer Linear Dodge or multiple layers of Screen -- and you, too, can make gorgeous-looking icons.

So then to be a masochist and to "motivate" myself, I promptly decided to make an [livejournal.com profile] iconfiend100 claim. I told you I tend to be really impulsive and wanting to do things now now now when these kinds of urges strike me, right? Just like with translating.

It didn't really take me that long to settle on Zaphkiel as my subject. [I would do general Angel Sanctuary, but that feels like a copout: not challenging enough. Like making 100 icons isn't a challenge just by itself.] Of my collection of bases, there are 5 characters that warranted their own directories -- Belial, Katan, Katou, Kira, and Zaphkiel [and Raphael will probably get one once I go through more of the chapters with him in it] -- but Zaphkiel was really the only one that had many different faces that could fit the themes in an icon challenge. Katou might have worked, but there's already a completed iconfiend100 challenge on him, so it would have felt redundant. I love Belial, but he always has the same expression -- or at least, I only like him when he has that expression. D: And too much time with Katan, cute as he is, makes me sick of his kissing up and unwavering loyalty to Rociel, whom I dislike greatly. Kira probably would have been the easiest choice of the 5, but for some reason I just didn't feel like it. Maybe because there are tons of Kira icons already, and I'd only want to focus on his sexier shots and ones with my preferred ships, which are far short of a hundred. On the other hand, I'd seen several requests for Zaphkiel icons, even though I'd found several good ones by going through the old posts on [livejournal.com profile] angelsancicons. So Zaphkiel it was.

I can't really say he's the character I like the most, but he's the character I like for the most reasons. [After this, he'll probably either be my most beloved or most hated character, depending on how hard I have to work to eke out those last few themes.] I mean, he's genki yet enigmatic and shrewd, which already nets him big points. Then it turns out that he has a tragic past, during which he was sexy and badass. I'm not sure what you could add to make me love him more. Perhaps some ersatz English courtesy of Okiayu Ryoutarou. ^o^ And, uh, a happier ending. But since this is Angel Sanctuary, that last is probably asking a bit much.

I guess the other thing Zaphkiel could use is some better pairings. Cut for spoilers and some disturbing ships that I do not endorse. )

Anyhow, I've been making one to two icons a day right now, but I imagine that will slow down greatly once I'm only left with the hard themes, and school starts, and I have fewer bases, etc. etc. Although after repeatedly going through the Zaphkiel chapters, I've actually acquired about 70 pages or so of bases, and some of those have more than one usable shot, so the 100 problem is at least superficially solved.

But man, that table looks awfully empty right now.


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