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So since I last posted about it, I gave in to temptation and got an XBox 360 with Kinect. At the time, Amazon was offering an $80 credit with purchase, which effectively brought the price down to near what stores had on Black Friday. And the morning we placed the order, the Dance Central games became 50% off, so we got both of those, too.

...and then a few days later Amazon decided to mock us by upping the credit offer to $100 and adding buy 2 get 1 free to the lowered Kinect game prices. Not a good way to treat loyal customers. We're already shifted some of our video game purchasing to Fry's and Target.

But anyway, I'm still totally addicted to Dance Central. I read a review that said it "remains *the* reason to get a Kinect," so I feel better that it was the reason I got a Kinect. And I figure they have pretty good replay value, given you have 40-ish songs, times three different difficulty levels. Sure, there is some overlap in moves between difficulty levels (and between songs), but so far I am finding the choreography different enough that it's always fresh. (I haven't played that much on Hard yet, and I think the change from Medium to Hard is somewhat less than Easy to Medium, but still.) When I first played the game on my brother's system, I was just sight-reading as I do in DDR, but later I discovered that Break It Down mode really helps a lot. And that's how you manage songs on Medium, when the move changes don't really give you a chance to just follow along.

I guess I have years of DDR experience to show that I can play the same songs day after day for weeks on end and not get bored. I'm still having so much fun with the dance moves that there are songs I can play multiple times in a single session (Sandstorm, DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love, Baby Got Back). And there are still lots of songs I enjoy that I haven't taken the time to really learn yet (including Body to Body, whose lyrics provide the title of this post).

And this is all just Dance Central 2. I still have a whole 'nother game of songs to play.


Here's to hoping this addiction will carry me into a healthier, more active new year.
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