Feb. 17th, 2010

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[I don't need a spoiler cut, do I?]

First, pairs. So I thought about it, and I think I've just never really been that into pairs, and probably didn't even watch it last time around. Maybe in part it's because pairs goes first, and at that point I haven't figured out the broadcast schedule yet or managed to set aside time to sit down and watch. Or something. I'm not really sure. But though I saw lots and lots of replays of Zhang/Zhang's fall in 2006, I don't think I ever saw the program itself. (I was in a dorm, so I had to fight for the TV, and I don't think I was quite at the point of streaming this kind of thing yet. Or maybe I did. Like I said before, I fell off the face of the earth, and apparently got amnesia, too.)

But I watched all the pairs this time, and it was pretty fun. I remember disdaining pairs in the past. I think the pairs were unified enough to feel awkward but not enough to be harmonious. And the throw jumps were just a bit too scary to watch.

By the free program, I was caught up in Shen/Zhao's story and really wanted them to win. Like I said about their short program in a comment to [livejournal.com profile] solidark: "Maybe it's because I watched things out of order (when I got home, they were just airing the last 2 groups, so I watched those before calling up the DVR and watching the earlier skaters) so I knew all along the Chinese stayed in first place, plus NBC had that little mini-feature on them to build up expectations, but I thought their program was just achingly beautiful and so synchronized and everything. And I love that song." I don't really remember my reactions to the other pairs anymore... oh, except that I was intrigued by Kavaguti/Smirnov. More on that another time, perhaps.

I was kind of annoyed by the free program. All the medal contenders seemed to implode to differing degrees, except Pang/Tong who were behind from the short scores. But that's Olympics for you.

And then came the men's short program. Oh man. I really did forget how much I love men's singles. The combination of grace and athleticism and intricacy and energy. Nothing else compares.

Every single program was a pleasure to watch. Even that guy who had the country western harmonica music.

And there were lots of pretty boys, too! Just... not so many among the medal contenders.

I vaguely remember getting a taste of the Japanese skaters last Olympics, but wow. They were awesome. I am definitely rooting for Daisuke Takahashi. (Though I liked his hair better in the old footage and not when he was looking like Michael Jackson.)

I mean, I have nothing against Plushenko, but I don't particularly like him. And I really disliked Evan Lysacek. He looked so gangly in slimming black, and he just didn't have any grace or elegance. He was functional. Very tight and very skillful, but I just couldn't feel any art. I was also kind of put off that he was skating to Firebird when one of the pairs had used it, too.

I feel really bad for Joubert. I could just picture how his program would have gone if he had pulled things off, and it's just such a shame. Especially when the NBC announcers started by commenting on how he thought the sport had regressed with fewer skaters trying the quad, and I totally agree with him -- and then... yeah. :(

But the quad thing. I was so excited for Ilia when he landed a quad. And then Alexei Yagudin had two in his free program. And I thought it could only get better from there. Maybe, like Joubert apparently believes, it's because of the new scoring system. (I have never understood either scoring system, so I can't say.) Not that I particularly like quads -- they are so big the landings always look heavy, even on the feather-light landers like Ilia. But . . . I dunno. I guess I love the pretty boys even more when they can be that strong and athletic, too.

Speaking of pretty boys, I'd forgotten how pretty Johnny Weir is. But . . . he's Johnny Weir. Dressed, as [livejournal.com profile] solidark pointed out, in a costume designed by Kouga Yun. Still waiting for the Poker Face, though.

I was very amused by NBC's little features on Plushenko, Patrick Chan, and the two Americans. The background music, the mood, the settings, everything was so staged. I have to laugh at the message: Plushenko is the evil, ominous defender (from evil, ominous Soviet Russia). Chan is the happy-go-lucky naïve teenager. The Americans are the serious, thoughtful, hardworking . . . well, Americans. I couldn't resist liking Chan, but of the three four, I'd have to go with Plushenko.

And speaking of serious, thoughtful, hardworking Americans . . . really, Evan? You didn't look at Plushenko's score? You even pretended to not know he was in the lead, by not naming him? That's very noble of you, to be doing this for your family and everyone who's watching you and stuff, but . . . come on, we all know better.

I really need today to recover from all the Olympics-watching into the late night, but... agh, I can't stand the wait until tomorrow!


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