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Apparently it's been almost 6 years since I finished any Winamp skins. Wow, time sure flies. My subdomains have been broken (maybe for a while, oops), including Divide by Zero Winamp skins, but it's back up now.

While I was looking into that, I found out that around the beginning of 2014, Winamp was sold by AOL to some other entity, and they have taken down official downloads of the program while they revamp the code. I assume it's still available elsewhere on the internet. And personally, I certainly haven't migrated or seen any need for a newer MP3 player. But, again, it's weird to discover how outdated and obsolete something can become.

Anyway, I haven't officially given up on making new skins. I did have these two in progress, that I think deserve to see the light of day:

And plenty more images positioned. Like the ones mentioned here - of which I've only managed to do two so far.

I'd probably have to do a sweep of new anime series to find good material, though. And maybe the newer Dynasty Warriors games. I've always wanted to make a Xiao Qiao skin. :3
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I started watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood last week and finished with a spectacular marathon over the weekend. Are there really so few FMA Winamp skins? Where are the Roys and the Lings?

Of course Ling drove me nuts at first. But I slowly became a fan after [spoilers]. Excuse me while I go drool over these two fanarts again. (Also spoilerful. As if there are people left to be spoiled anymore.)

Anyway, I went through things too fast to have much to say about it. The thing that still sticks in my head, is that scene with Barry early on...

"What's with that calm reaction? Aren't you supposed to be more like, 'Yaaah!' or 'What's with that body?!'" *Al lifts helmet* "Yaaaah! Wh-what's with that body?"


But there were lots of awesome moments throughout, of course. Often involving Roy. ^///^

I'm glad I took a break from the old series. The stuff that bothered me when I first tried to watch Brotherhood -- like Roy's change in seiyuu -- didn't really distract me this time. I guess I won't go back and finish the old series. Way too gory and drawn out and dark. Though I will regret not being able to savor Okiayu-sama as Scar. I'm not sure if I noticed, when I watched before.

But, really, after things seemed to happen so fast... did we really need a twelve episode climax? It basically got its own OP-ED, for goodness sake. I guess that's what shounen series are like. And FMA:B is shounen to the core. Which I need once in a while, I guess, considering the other stuff I've been watching lately (Angel Beats, Denyuuden, Togainu no Chi).

Anyways. I just go into these sleep-deprived stream-of-consciousness things now, apparently.

Just go enjoy the [spoiler]Ling fanart and recommend me some Winamp skins.

Oh right, I was going to mention. I did start that Geass skin recently. Will finish, dammit. After [livejournal.com profile] solidark worked so hard to help me name it. It's only . . . two years and a few months late. Holy crap I can't believe it's been that long since Geass.

Last incoherent thought: I am teaching myself to sing the first OP, "again" by Yui. It's really, really hard. For all my choir stuff, I have trouble spitting out syllables that fast.
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I will make this skin as soon as I name it. Suggestions?

I have some ideas as to what I'd like the title to evoke, but I'm not finding anything appropriate. Maybe I'm being too locked into this name-skins-after-songs thing, after I was finally converted.

For those who recognize the image: yes, I just spent several hours editing out the godawful red background. Doesn't the color scheme look so much more Geass-y now? C/Lulu OTP SQUEE.
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Someone smack me. I have exams to outline for (and clinic applications to write, and a paper to research, and clerkship recommendations to figure out), and I get the urge, of all things, to make X skins.

Yeah. It's like, "X? Isn't that so 10 years ago?"

Not to mention X is probably one of the most over-skinned series of all time.

But look at them! And I've got plenty more where those came from. [X Infinity, you were too long in being released. Next time, more Yuuto plzkthx.]

I hate you, CLAMP. You and your pretty art and your duality, which forces me to make two skins at a time.

Well, either way, they're not getting done until after May 2.

[Ironically, I am cheating on CLAMP for another CLAMP series, since if I didn't want to skin X, I'd probably be wanting to skin Geass.]


Apr. 6th, 2008 11:56 pm
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Random poll for the several Winamp skinners on my flist. (I've wondered this for a while.)

Do you know what the easter egg titlebar is? If so, what do you do with it?
a. No. What?
b. Yes. But I just copy the normal titlebar over.
c. Yes. I like to put snarky comments there.
d. Yes. I use it to provide an alternative titlebar.
e. Yes. (Other.)

It's things like this that have always made me think there should be some kind of community for anime Winamp skinners... though I guess most of them are inactive these days. =/

Looking through skins I've downloaded, I think the vast majority of people who make anime skins would answer (a) or (b). Though there were a few rare ones that were in on the secret. Personally, my answer is generally (c), sometimes (d).

...what? You want me to tell you what it is, too? Fine.

All secrets revealed! )


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