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My choir director likes to end rehearsals by saying "Bravi tutti!" And so after our concert, he sent out an email beginning the same way. Only it was "Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavi tutti!!!!" And with the mailing list tag, and my vertical message list, the subject line cuts off after about fifteen "a"s. Now, every time my eyes pass over that message, I inevitably, instantly think it says "Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaains." Clearly I hang around you silly internets people too much.

But I love you all just the same.
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I apologize in advance for anyone who finds this offensive for any reason.

So I was looking through coupons in the mail the other day, and I saw this. )

And my first thought couldn't help but be: They're looking for Harry?!

I know, I'm terrible.

Then a day or two ago I saw the picture of Bernard Madoff on the cover of Bloomberg Markets. )

And I thought: Wait a minute, that looks just like... )

The world is so weird sometimes.
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For some reason, a PDF of this comic was uploaded to the reading materials folder of our copyright class. XD; [Spoiler: it's called "Library System Terrorizes Publishing Industry" and is a very convincing parody of the reaction to Napster. I wouldn't even have downloaded if it hadn't been cryptically called tom-the-dancing-bug.pdf, which is apparently the name of the strip. @_@]

Speaking of libraries (and piracy), someone needs to sub Toshokan Sensou.
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ROFLOL: What if Gmail had been designed by Microsoft?

I thought the first iteration wasn't too bad -- I like preview panes sometimes, except when they're poorly implemented like in the "new" Yahoo! Mail. As someone who uses both Gmail and Outlook, I'm not really sure which is better. Hotmail, though, is another story entirely. I do have an account, mainly so I can bug my sister on Live Messenger, and I'd even consider using it sometimes . . . except they keep deleting everything in there for inactivity. D:

I love the part about the URL. Reminds me of the days when Passport got axed for trying to take over the world.

...alright, alright, back to work.
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So the writers of my trademarks book (Trademarks and Unfair Competition: Law and Policy, by Dinwoodie and Janis, 2nd ed. 2007) had way too much fun writing it. Most of their fun comes in the form of insulting sports teams, which mostly goes over my head, but I seem to have hit upon a treasure trove of groan- and/or chuckle-inducing excerpts today.

[Possibly this is because I have been reading several "Notes and Comments" sections in a row with no cases in between, so it's as if I've read a week's worth of material actually written by the authors. Rant about Notes and Comments sections. )]

So here are some fun ones...

Said the [Federal Circuit], "[T]he relationship between cooking classes and kitchen textiles is more akin to the relationship between restaurant services and beer," . . . which is the sort of thing we expect will show up some day as an LSAT question.

Fortunately, LSATs don't have an analogy section. Since most lawyers never took the GRE, I guess the authors must have been thinking of the SAT but blocked out the memory of such a test ever existing.

[OMG, I just snarked a textbook author's snarking of the Federal Circuit's snark. How awesome is that?]

More... )

So does the fact that I've been able to remember and dig up all these examples of snark -- by linking them to the relevant legal topics -- mean that they actually have pedagogical value? Or does it mean that I'm being way too distracted by them? Can I sue when, during the exam, all I can remember is that the Federal Circuit writes LSAT questions and not that relatedness of goods is a relevant factor in assessing likelihood of confusion?

Well, in any event, I guess I should get back to actually finishing the reading assignment now. ._.


Apr. 2nd, 2007 02:44 am
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I just saw the craziest banner ad for Basilisk. It shows several of the characters one by one, mostly in pretty kick-ass poses. Then it says, "Click here to watch them die."

Most terrible. spoilerrific. advertisement. ever.

Okay, so it doesn't take more than the first episode to figure out how disposable people are going to be. And maybe it's good to have an idea of that beforehand. (It's kept me safely away from Elfen Lied, after all.) But still. Who is it going to attract?
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...black is white, up is down, and short is long... no wait, that's not it.

So I've been waiting in vain for a certain someone *ahem!* to come online and explain this to me, but I can't wait anymore, so I must put this to all of you:


(And what game is that from?)
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The first volume of Tales of Phantasia comes out from Geneon this week. AnimeOnDVD appears still not to have caught the . . . slight discrepancy between their description of the show and what it's actually about.

In the hope that they fix it someday, at least when someone reviews it, this is what it currently says:

They needed a hero. . . So they built HEAT GUY J Android J was secretly built by the government as a special agent to combat crime in the oceanic city-nation of Judoh. While J initially appears to be human, the illusion quickly disappears in clouds of scorching steam when he fights. Together with his partner, Daisuke Aurora, the most dangerous criminals will soon find themselves on the run... from the underground legend known as the Heat Guy! From the director and staff that created the Escaflowne Movie comes a brand-new, action oriented cop drama!

Easily amused? Why, yes, I am.

[ETA: They've posted a review of the disc and fixed the description now.]

It's kind of like how a certain site that resembles AnimeLyrics.tv still has their song artist database all mixed up. Michiyuki (from LOVELESS) really isn't sung by Horie Yui, for example. Then again, my translation of Michiyuki is kind of broken and in need of updating (and I never did submit the artist info anyway), so I'm not going to link to it here. ^^;;

Translating song credits actually takes me some time because Japanese first names can have so many different readings. My new strategy is to Google the kanji and the furigana for surname if I can figure that out, since there are usually fewer possibilities. With luck, that gets me to a page that gives the reading of the full name. Yeah, you'd probably cringe at all the Japanese-Googling hacks I use.

Okay, now I'm just babbling randomly, so I will go away. I'll tell you why I'm so freaked out right now later, when the cause has passed.

In other news, I need a LOL-type icon. I'm sure I have some, but then I'd have to ditch something in my current collection.
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It's true.

[Link blatantly stolen from [livejournal.com profile] maruchan.]

Sorry, I have not learned enough IP to know if there are any trademark issues involved. However, it didn't seem like scientists had any problems naming a protein Sonic hedgehog, so maybe it's okay?
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Sister: *is playing Ragnarok Online, fighting monsters on a beach*
Me: What are those white ghost things?
Sister: They're seals.
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ACAC-: The Stackac. ^o^

C'mon, some of you people on my friends list get it, right?
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This is hilarious. Especially the review.

...yeah, I don't think there's much more for me to say.
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Actually, just one more.
It is a great time to be a student interested in attending a Christian law school. That’s because Ave Maria School of Law and Regent Law School, two of the premier Christian law schools in the nation, will host the Christian Pre-Law Conference in Virginia Beach, Va. on March 2-5, 2006.

The conference brings students, pre-law advisors, professors, and administrators together to discuss how to best train future Christian lawyers. You will experience law classes, interact with current law students, learn how to pursue a legal career, and gain important information about financial aid.

I don't get it. Is there a difference between being a Christian lawyer as opposed any ordinary lawyer? Or a lawyer to just happens to be Christian? My first thought was, "These schools teach you how to fight for the teaching of intelligent design!" But I guess as long as God doesn't want a patent on creation of life, it doesn't really affect what I want to do. :P
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Nobody plays video games when they're 7!

Okay, now go read the thing I just posted before this.


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