Jun. 20th, 2012 12:29 am
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I just beat the game and have to say: most. unsatisfying. ending. ever.

Spoilers. )

And, I think it is absolutely ridiculous that game developers think DLC means they can fragment the storyline or release an incomplete product because they can always supplement it later (and extort some more money from players while they're at it). I will not stand for this, Squenix.

Will I still buy the apparently inevitable FF13-3 when it comes out? Probably. But if they pull this shit again, I am seriously going to stop buying any new games and just replay old ones. I got plenty on my list already: FF8, FF10, FF9, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Legend of Dragoon, FF7 (roughly in that order).

Okay, I just had to get that off my chest. Back to not really posting. (Maybe.)
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So since I last posted about it, I gave in to temptation and got an XBox 360 with Kinect. At the time, Amazon was offering an $80 credit with purchase, which effectively brought the price down to near what stores had on Black Friday. And the morning we placed the order, the Dance Central games became 50% off, so we got both of those, too.

...and then a few days later Amazon decided to mock us by upping the credit offer to $100 and adding buy 2 get 1 free to the lowered Kinect game prices. Not a good way to treat loyal customers. We're already shifted some of our video game purchasing to Fry's and Target.

But anyway, I'm still totally addicted to Dance Central. I read a review that said it "remains *the* reason to get a Kinect," so I feel better that it was the reason I got a Kinect. And I figure they have pretty good replay value, given you have 40-ish songs, times three different difficulty levels. Sure, there is some overlap in moves between difficulty levels (and between songs), but so far I am finding the choreography different enough that it's always fresh. (I haven't played that much on Hard yet, and I think the change from Medium to Hard is somewhat less than Easy to Medium, but still.) When I first played the game on my brother's system, I was just sight-reading as I do in DDR, but later I discovered that Break It Down mode really helps a lot. And that's how you manage songs on Medium, when the move changes don't really give you a chance to just follow along.

I guess I have years of DDR experience to show that I can play the same songs day after day for weeks on end and not get bored. I'm still having so much fun with the dance moves that there are songs I can play multiple times in a single session (Sandstorm, DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love, Baby Got Back). And there are still lots of songs I enjoy that I haven't taken the time to really learn yet (including Body to Body, whose lyrics provide the title of this post).

And this is all just Dance Central 2. I still have a whole 'nother game of songs to play.


Here's to hoping this addiction will carry me into a healthier, more active new year.
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So I just moved up to farming a different set of enemies in FF13. (From big-ass turtles to slightly smaller turtles, but that are blue. Which means, among other things, that they cast Ultima. FML.)

I feel like every time I start managing to kill one of these uber-enemies, I consistently get item drops the first few times. Then it's like the game realizes, "Okay, I guess it wasn't a fluke and you actually can kill these things," and starts applying the real drop rates. Especially now that all my characters are maxed, and item drops are the sole reason for farming these things, it's very depressing to get nothing at the end of battle.

Early on in the game, I told myself I wasn't going to go for the Treasure Hunter trophy, but somehow I decided to do it after all. Maybe because I got good at farming the turtles and it was kind of fun (all thanks to this guy), and what else am I going to do but try to get Tier 3 weapons for everyone and all. Now I'm back to realizing that it takes a ton of money to upgrade all these darn things. I am not so dorky-excited about there being a catalyst called Perovskite anymore after realizing I need like 20 30 (!), and they cost 30,000 gil each. But I'm stuck for it. Just Treasure Hunter and Adamant Will, and I get the platinum trophy.

At least it's not like Disgaea-style grinding.
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So... I just started playing FF13, and I have this stupid question that does not seem to be discussed anywhere online. (You have failed me, Google and GameFAQs.)

So the manual and datalog mention the auto-talk thing, and then they say sometimes you can initiate a conversation by pressing x when the talk icon appears. For the life of me, I cannot get this to work. I just took control of Snow, and there are tons of people standing around who, when I walk near them, will say one line and show a talk icon. But whatever I do, they will not talk to me more.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this more conversation thing a LIE?

I am one of those "must talk to everyone (twice) before moving on" RPGers, so this is really bugging me, and I feel like I don't want to go on with the game until I know I'm not missing anything. D:

ETA: Okay, after some more Google and some more thought, I realized that the "Talk..." graphic may not be what they mean by "talk icon". Is that why nothing is happening? When I get a real "talk icon", will it have an graphical x button on it, just like when I walk up to items?

RPG talk.

May. 29th, 2010 11:40 pm
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I beat Okami about two weeks ago now. I fed all the animals and collected all of the beads. I tend to get stuck right before beating a game if there are crazy-hard sidequests that I insist on finishing. Sometimes I actually finish, sometimes I give up, sometimes I let the game languish so long I can't get back into it without starting over. But with Okami, the last two beads actually weren't that bad. In particuar, I was worried about the race with Kai, since I suck at Okami controls. But as it turns out, the race wasn't that hard. Not in the sense that it didn't take me like ten tries, but in the sense that even my winning run had mistakes, and it was still enough to win.

So now I have the String of Beads for my New Game+. It makes you invincible, gives you infinite ink, and increases your attack by 10x. Why would anyone ever use an omni item like that? I don't know. I don't have the patience so soon after beating the game to get through enough of the beginning to really test it out. (I'd have to go through all the intro stuff, the in-story tutorial, get the first brush technique, and get to the first set of enemies. Meh.) But I'm curious whether it makes it invincible against non-battle hazards, too. Because, I feel like half the damage I took, excluding bosses, was from scenery, not from enemies. Things like, hitting ice blocks, falling down cliffs, falling into poison liquid, etc. etc. Yeah, I am not very good at the kinds of games where you have to hop around accurately.

But after Okami I can kind of handle real-time battle, a little bit. So I've been thinking that, while I still have a bit of a feel for it, I should start another RPG with real-time battles, rather than switch back to turn-based.

I.e., I should finally go and beat Kingdom Hearts.

I gave up on the Kingdom Hearts games a while ago, and it is still kind of daunting how many they have spawned, but I really wanted to know the story. So I was reading the manga, but those haven't been coming out fast enough. The other day, though, I started reading the manga for Kingdom Hearts II again, up to the part where spoilers happen. ) When KH2 first came out, and I realized they had switched away from Sora to some guy who looks like him, I was kind of annoyed and really disliked Roxas. But he grew on me in the manga, and by the time I got to that point, I felt really bad for him.

I also really, really wanted to know the whole backstory, and the manga wasn't moving fast enough for me. So I went to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki and spoiled myself silly about everything.

And I have to say, holy crap. I thought Kingdom Hearts was supposed to be some innocent, fun-filled Disney romp, even with the Square influence. In actuality, it is a huge, dark, twisted Square monstrosity, and they can keep spinning off facets of people to create sequels and prequels to make more money. The Disney characters and everything are just scenery. They don't really matter to the storyline at all. (Except maybe King Mickey, I suppose.)

But now that I have kind of a grasp of the ridiculous story, I kind of want the Disney romp part. It is cool to see how they condense down the worlds and design the Heartless to fit each theme and so on. So I think I should give Kingdom Hearts another try. And keep pushing on through Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II, too. And I should play 358/2 Days, since it's about Roxas, though I don't really like DS. Plus, Roxas in his spoiler form ) is really hot. ^o^

So that was the plan. But then, before I could go home and pick up Kingdom Hearts, I decided to try Tales of Phantasia again. ToP is one of the games where I got stuck on a sidequest (Moria Gallery) for so long that I couldn't finish the game anymore. So now I'm starting over.

I guess it's not turn-based. But it's not helping my real-time battle skills any. Actually, I really hate ToP's battle system. Namco managed to refine the system in later games, so it's fine in, say, Tales of Destiny, but in ToP I feel like I can't get Cless to do anything I want. I hate it when there's a high-flying enemy and he just kind of stands there and waves his sword around ineffectively. WTH am I supposed to do?

So I should really start Kingdom Hearts while I am in the groove, and maybe split time between the two games. What's annoying is I have to start all over with Kingdom Hearts, too. I've had two false starts there. One, I got pretty far (Halloween Town), but that playthrough is beyond hope. The second, I'm still on Destiny Island, but I don't remember where I am storywise and what I'm supposed to do next. It sucks because that one I had been training to beat Leon, and I hate to lose all that EXP. I'm split right now about whether I should train again or just get my ass handed to me like I'm supposed to. Maybe I'll just go find a YouTube video of beating Leon. D:
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...you feel the urge to use Bloom upon driving by a bare, black tree.

Man, that game is addictive. I have actually been sacrificing sleep to play, on days when I get home from work at like 10pm. (Of course, the whole staying late thing doesn't work, because then I get up later, too.)

At least the addiction is keeping at bay my desire to buy a PS3. If I can get into FFXII (yes 12, not 13) after this, I might be able to last another year or something. I'll still get it sooner if I find a good deal, but right now the waiting game is in my favor. (Since I already missed being able to buy a backwards compatible one. *mutter mutter* Actually, I may end up buying another PS2 before getting a PS3. Mine seems to be limping extra hard lately. Just by exiting a building I can frequently get load screens long enough for me to get a Demon Fang by button-mashing. It's pretty sad.)

Anyway, since I am at my parents' house (which I still think of as "home") and have access to the PS3, I might as well go get in some Disgaea 3. Naturally, I've been feeling the urge less since picking up Okami.
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Ze computer . . . is still dead. We thought we had it fixed, but apparently it is just unreliable, and it died after I sent my computer-fixer to the airport. :( I tried a few things, but the chances of it being resurrected before he gets back is pretty much nil. So any ambitious plans to skin, translate, or web design this winter break are out the window. *sigh*

Like I said before, it would be a good thing, if it kept me off the computer this break, so my limbs can recover before another semester, and then forever of being chained to a computer at a law firm. But more likely it will just lead me to do other wrist-bad activities on the laptop that are less productive because I don't have all of my workfiles.

So I think the thing that has the most potential for salvaging this break is excessive gaming. I ordered Eternal Sonata and Disgaea 3, and in the meantime I'm going to go back to Disgaea 1 for a bit. (I never completed the game a second time, so I still haven't seen the good ending -- I managed to forget a few times my first run through that thrown Prinnies explode, so I lost the good ending, for which you need to avoid killing any of your own people.) Item World, here I come! At 295 hours and level 1056, I think I still have quite a ways to go before I get an ultimate weapon, which is my current goal.

I hope Eternal Sonata allows for copious saving, because I've died a lot of times trying the demo. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it -- except the craptastic battle camera -- but once I no longer have the wait before my action timer goes down, I am so screwed. Shoulda practiced more on Kingdom Hearts...

I also ordered the Microsoft Natural Mouse I was going on about. I saw that it shipped today and was all excited about using it with my resurrected computer until I discovered that the computer was not-so-resurrected. :( But maybe it will help with wrist-death on my laptop.

[Yeah, I am still kind of recovering from the emotional roller coaster of thinking my computer was fixed only to hook everything up and discover otherwise. I am very attached to my electronics, yes, it is very pathetic. I am trying to make myself feel better by installing more crap on my laptop that I will probably be too lazy to uninstall when I start needing it again for class in January.]

In happier news, I am waiting for my sister to come home next Monday so we can go to Kinokuniya and pick up our special orders and (hopefully!) the new Geass artbooks. I went there last Friday to get a furoshiki to wrap the bottle of wine I'm giving my supervisor from clinic . . . and when I got home, I saw the postcard saying our special orders had come in. D'oh! But it works out because (1) they didn't have the Geass artbooks yet, so I have to go back anyway and (2) I forgot that I have 10%-off coupons for December and January. So, assuming they have the artbooks when we go back, I can pay for everything in one big purchase, and use the coupon, and it will be good. Previews of Mutuality, the CLAMP art one, make me piss my pants. So does just the cover image of Illustrations Relation.

And... well, someday, when I have a desktop computer again, and maybe a more ergonomic setup, I will make that skin, dammit.
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OMG, this is so cool.

Orchestrated Steel Samurai theme, FTW!

"Objection!" sounds so . . . refined when it's done with strings and trumpets and drums and celeste. So different from the MIDI sound of the original. :D But like the good Final Fantasy Piano Collections (and Black Mages arrangements), the differences make both versions awesome in their own way.

But I clearly don't know my Phoenix Wright music well enough. Aside from those two, I'm not recognizing anything. (It's also been, like, a year since I've played the first game, and I never got past that one.)
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[New tag! For Code Geass. Dunno how much I'll use it going forward, but I figure I have enough in the archives already to warrant it. Maybe for Saiunkoku, too, but I wasn't sure on that one.]

So for a change of pace this year, instead of spending lots of money in the Artists' Alley, I bought some doujinshi instead. Even though I got them all from the Yaoi-Con booth, only two (out of six) of them were actually yaoi, and one was BL. The Yaoi-Con booth just happened to have the largest, best-organized, and most recent collection of any of the dealers.

Buying doujinshi was . . . an interesting experience. I can't say I have buyer's remorse per se, since I like all of the doujinshi I bought, and they were all reasonably priced, but . . . I don't know. Maybe they're just too short? The non-yaoi ones were . . . like reading fanfic, except with art, and not free. And the yaoi ones . . . I guess they were like fanfic, too. They just didn't seem like things I would want to continue spending money on. Maybe I'm just a cheapskate, and I want my fixes for free.

The way I thought about it at first, they were a good deal because they were about the price of a print from the Artists' Alley, but instead I got a whole book's worth of art. But they were also about the price of a volume of manga, with a lot fewer pages, and probably less re-read value. So I guess it's the one-shot nature of them that makes me less willing to pay. Art prints I can hang up -- at least theoretically, since I haven't actually gotten around to doing that for 99% of the art I've bought. But maybe they'll grow on me. All the doujinshi I got were very cute, clever, and/or insightful, so maybe I'll read them again now and then when I want to savor the relationships they portray.

Anyways, on to the fandom babble!

Saiunkoku Monogatari )

Phoenix Wright )

Darker than Black )

Code Geass (long) )

In the end, even though I did pretty well, I feel like buying doujinshi is so hit-or-miss. If I subscribed to more popular ships (SuzaLulu), or was less picky about art style, I would never have been able to decide what to get. And what you end up getting is so unpredictable. I need back-cover summaries! D:

Last thing: I'm thinking of emailing some of the artists whose work I bought. I'm not really sure what I'd say, but I kind of want to let them know that they're reaching people even in the States, and tell them to draw more C/Lulu keep up the lovely work. I wish I understood more about how doujinshi in Japan works, and how to navigate their websites (日本語能力足りない!), but at least I can babble at them in bad Japanese...
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The Black Mages III: Darkness and Starlight is out! (You can find the songs on YouTube.)

Like past Black Mages albums, it's a bit hit or miss, though the songs I've listened to so far are all more or less acceptable. The most notable thing for most people will be that it includes the full opera from Final Fantasy VI, which is its namesake track, "Darkness and Starlight". Personally, I was more excited that it had the final battle theme from Final Fantasy IX, a track I rediscovered when I started working through the Piano Collection for that game. It really doesn't get the attention it deserves, from the utterly chilling start (I always picture moaning souls swirling into the darkness) to the rock-ish main section, it's just a neat song. And the piano adaptation, like all of the best Piano Collection pieces, so perfectly captures the original while adding a whole new layer of interpretation.

Going back to "Darkness and Starlight": the track is undeniably neat. It's really weird but enlightening to hear the opera actually sung, in Japanese, where the syllables match the notes. (Whenever I play that scene in the game, I always try to squish the English lyrics into the melody, which works pretty well in some places but not so well in others.) The voices are jarring, though, both in narration and singing, maybe because I'm so used to the nonvocal version. The other thing I thought was kind of weird was that they didn't try to cut the song into the opera-only parts and they include, for example, the interlude where you have to walk as Locke over to see Celes. It works, just like it did in the game, but you'd think since they're redoing the song anyway, they'd give us the opportunity to hear one seamless opera, without the Ultros-chasing and all.

Right now, I'm listening to "Distant Worlds", which is from Final Fantasy XI, so I know nothing about it, but it's really beautiful. It's slow, with a Celtic flavor, and very unlike the rock songs that make up most of Black Mages' repertoire.

So, overall, definitely a winner. (Not that any of the Black Mages albums weren't.)

Here's a tracklist, FYI:
1. Opening - Bombing Mission (FFVI)
2. Neo EXDEATH (FFV: "Last Battle")
3. The Extreme (FFVIII)
4. Assault of the Silver Dragons (FFIX)
6. Distant Worlds (FFXI)
7. Premonition (FFVIII)
8. Grand Cross (FFIX: "Final Battle")
9. Darkness and Starlight (FFVI: "Opera ~Maria & Draco~")
10. LIVE ~in memory of KEITEN~

You think they've learned their lesson yet, to stop calling things "Final/Last Battle"? 9_9

ETA: Listening to "Darkness and Starlight" again, I realize that one of the reasons the vocals are so jarring is because the narrator's delivery is way overdramatic. "And then! A lone... wounded... HERO!!!!!!" Man. Oh, but I like the background chorus when Draco and Ralse fight. Also, I never realized it's ドラクゥ (comes out as something like "drakoo"). Sounds awkward even in Japanese. Also, I didn't notice they had the real ending (without Ultros and Setzer screwing things up), where Ralse loses. It makes it sound like Ralse really did love Maria and wanted her to be happy, which doesn't seem quite consistent with the game version where it seemed like Ralse just wanted a marriage of political convenience. Not that I'm going to overanalyze this, and I don't even remember the opera scene that well at the moment, but I thought that was interesting to note. I love that part in the melody, where they're singing "Oh Maria, beloved. Oh Maria, love me." <3
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I just finished reading Speaker for the Dead, which I basically haven't been able to put down since around 3am last night. (I did manage to drag myself away for a few hours of sleep around 7am, and played a bit of FF6 this afternoon, so it wasn't completely continuous. I mean, I'm a slow reader, but not that slow.)

I don't really have much to say at the moment -- it'll take a little while for it all to sink in. But I can say, "Wow." And, "Why did I wait so long to read the Ender sequels?"

Maybe one reason is that, to the extent I can generalize from reading two of his books, Orson Scott Card's novels include such a painful blend of tragedy. I guess they pretty much are tragedies, in a way, though Ender's Game much more so than Speaker for the Dead. But like Ender's Game, the story still feels so unsettled -- over, but not really ended. It continues in Xenocide, I suppose, but I'm not sure how eager I am to start on that right away.

And so much for going through the Dragon's Den (the new bonus dungeon in Final Fantasy VI Advance) this long weekend. I took a quick look at a map, and I think it's probably better that I focus on work for the next two days. (Normally I'd feel guilty about looking at a dungeon map, but the Dragon's Den is so huge I don't get much out of staring at it anyway.)
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So I just beat Final Fantasy VI Advance with only Celes, Edgar, and Setzer -- the so-called "CES Challenge". Yay, go me.

I'm kind of confused, though. What was so different about the ending? Uh... spoilers? )

Oh well, I guess it was worth doing once.

Details. )
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I've been meaning to do this meme, stolen from [livejournal.com profile] kalquessa, for more than two weeks now, but I just kept being busy. (Not that I'm no longer busy, but I can only do law non-stop for so long, especially when I have a cold that inhibits brain activity.)

So here are my fandom loves. Like [livejournal.com profile] kalquessa, these refer more to the series themselves than the fandom, because I tend not to be involved in many fandoms.

The one who seduced you, screwed you over, broke your heart in a million pieces, and then laughed about it.

Code Geass. I used to be excited about original series that were not based on novels or manga. [I'm not exactly sure why. Perhaps because then there wasn't the chance that the source was unfinished and the anime would have an inconclusive ending. Or maybe out of a sense of self-preservation, because I always end up wanting to go back and read the original. Or maybe I just wanted to know that I was watching something original and that an anime could be good by itself without having drawn on something else.] Code Geass taught me that not having even a supposed template to work off of can be just as bad as an unfinished template. Because it lets producers decide, "Hey, this is popular and making money. Let's drag it out." I was absolutely in love with Code Geass until around episode 20. Then I started getting more and more suspicious that it was not going anywhere I liked. By the time the postponed episodes aired, I practically hated it. And yet, there's no way I'm not going to watch the sequel. D:

The old flame, the steady, and more. )
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If you like OC Remix (or even if you don't), you should check out their new album, Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream. It's a ridiculous four discs long and looks like it will be good. (Still downloading it myself, at the moment.)
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[The GIP component of this post: [livejournal.com profile] nendil drew this for me a while back after seeing [livejournal.com profile] maruchan's 研究パン icon. I knew I wanted to icon it, but I didn't feel worthy of using it until I'd actually played Phoenix Wright.]

So I've been playing Phoenix Wright for a month or so now. Wow, way to have a lawyer game that was apparently never vetted by a real lawyer. It took me a while to realize that at least some of the oddness might be ascribed to the fact that it's probably based on Japan's civil law system -- it would explain why there's no jury, for example. But some of the other details are still pushing it.

More lawyer stuff. )

In more general gameplay terms, I really like how the stories get progressively more complex, requiring you to make creative use of more and more features. At first you're just impeaching witnesses with evidence [that's what it's called, y'know, when you "find contradictions"]. Then you start having to examine a room and collect the evidence. Then you start having to present different pieces of evidence to characters to get them to tell you stuff. And in Rise From The Ashes, and on into the second game, from what I can tell, [or not] it starts becoming full-scale detective work: dusting for fingerprints, spraying for bloodstains, and all.

Throughout, though, the game is still extremely linear. I think somewhere I read them described as "visual novels", and I think that's very accurate. You're not really playing the game for the sake of playing, per se. You're there for the story -- the interactive element is just an excuse for not having FMV graphics. :P

Actually, it really reminds me of the games made by Humongous Entertainment -- Putt Putt, Freddi Fish, and Pajama Sam are the ones I've played. They were these semi-educational kids games that basically work the same way: you're clicking through screens that have interactive hot spots, but you can't unlock the next event until you've talked to people and done things in the proper order. In particular, when I had to go around trading Steel Samurai cards in Phoenix Wright, that was just like the part in Putt Putt Travels Through Time where you have to trade things from different time periods. I mean, you might find it worrisome that I'm comparing it to kids games, but seriously, some of those were hard. And I'd still play them today if we could find the discs, so.

Okay, that's all for the review. Now for fandom matters. :3

To slash or not to slash? )

P.S. I want to make my own Phoenix Wright moodtheme. The game has such awesome sprites.
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...black is white, up is down, and short is long... no wait, that's not it.

So I've been waiting in vain for a certain someone *ahem!* to come online and explain this to me, but I can't wait anymore, so I must put this to all of you:


(And what game is that from?)
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Ah, nothing like completionism -- also known as "must. unlock. all. songs!" -- to get you exercising. We finally got DDR SuperNOVA over the weekend, and I've already gotten through all the Stellar Joints except THE LAST (which I thought was the last, until I just looked at the walkthrough and found out that there's another one after it) and PIZZA BOX, which I think means almost all the songs are buyable except the red ones (Fascination MAXX, Healing-D-Vision, CHAOS, etc.), which I'm not all that eager to unlock, since I can't beat any of them anyway. (...well, maybe Healing-D-Vision is kind of cool.)

I've been kind of disillusioned by DDR since ITG. ITG's steps are just so much better. They flow more smoothly, and when the steps are complicated, they're challenging in a way that's energizing to do, not in a way that tries to break your feet or make you fall over. (Trip Machine, anyone?) ITG's arrow style lets you see what's going on right away, and having a song progress bar is the brilliant innovation Konami apparently never thought of. I think those criticisms are still true of SuperNOVA, but at least there are lots of really cool songs to make up for it. DDR Extreme 2 has so few songs on it that I like that I can barely do a worthwhile exercise session without switching versions.

I think TIERRA BUENA by itself makes SuperNOVA worth it. :D

DDRMAX and MAX2 did a good job with having more mainstream music while putting enough J-Pop and classic DDR songs to keep me interested. SuperNOVA follows that trend, what with the techno stuff, BeForU, TERRA, and others. I may even come to tolerate the scary English-ness of Freckles.

Yeah, anyway, apparently Wikipedia has a nice songlist, so I'm not going to try to list stuff.
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The inventor of instant ramen is dead. :(

All of a sudden today, I've started to feel stressed out about classes starting again. I'm not sure what it is specifically that's making me stressed. Not the classes themselves. Maybe just the feeling that there's suddenly so much to do -- it's completely different from the past week. But there's not really that much I actually need to do with pressing immediacy, I don't think. I dunno. It's just irrational.

I beat Golden Sun last night. I almost tore my hair out when, after entering the 6 page password (all 260 characters), Golden Sun 2 told me it was invalid. Fortunately, I quickly found that on page 5 I'd entered 'M' instead of 'm' near the top, and all was well.

I didn't sleep too well last night. My mom woke me up at some random time to make sure I didn't have class today and hadn't overslept. Then I'd set alarms so I'd get up and mail stuff, but I was so dead when they went off that I went back to sleep. In the end, I had dreams about some bratty kid breaking my computers. So maybe all of that is part of the stress. -_-
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[For new readers (?) and those who never caught the explanation, which I'm sure I had somewhere... "flicking" is Caltech slang for avoiding work and getting nothing done.]

It's been an awesome, much-needed winter break. First, of course, there was the trip to Hawaii. I think there could have been nothing better for getting my mind completely off of law school -- there were just so many new things to see and do. After getting back, I got to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] nendil and other high school and junior high friends, which was great fun. I never want to let go of times like those. For New Year's Eve, we had a family get-together to eat hotpot and play lots of mah-jong. As when my third aunt visited over the summer, it was heart-warming to see so much of the family gathered together, bantering and enjoying themselves.

For all that awesomeness, though, I am in the end an introvert, and this past week has been essential to completing my recharge cycle. I just needed time to flick -- with job applications being the convenient thing to avoid doing -- and revisit things I haven't had the chance to do since starting law school.

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My schedule this semester looks kind of odd. All of my days end at or before 12:15pm except Thursday, when I have my climate change paper class from 4-6pm. This either means I'll generally be coming home early and reading at home -- gotta beat the traffic that starts to get bad around 4pm, which is when I'd leave after torts -- or I'll really be living in the library. -_-;; Last semester I worked really hard to get most of my reading done at the library because I didn't want to lug all my casebooks home, but amazingly only two of my classes have casebooks this semester (constitutional law and advanced civil procedure). My arms and my pocketbook are both grateful.

Tomorrow is my last day of break. The registrar apparently came up with this diabolical scheme whereby, if they began classes on Tuesday and ended on Wednesday, and turned a Tuesday and a Wednesday each into Mondays, they'd come out with the exact same number of school days on each day of the week. o_O;;
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I beat Final Fantasy VII yesterday, at long last. [The "long last" is more about the time it took me to actually get around to playing it and not about actual gaming time, which was about 82 hours.]

It was . . . a decent game, I suppose. A bit too messed up and dark for my tastes. [Don't get me wrong. I love dark at times, but there were bits in FFVII that just creeped me out. In particular, the part where you follow the trail of blood up the floors in the Shinra HQ. After seeing Jenova's empty holding tank, my brain started conjuring all sorts of disturbing images of this blue, headless body crawling up the stairs with blood dripping everywhere. The monsters in that area were pretty grotesque, too, which only made things worse. Of course, it all turned out to be Sephiroth's handiwork, but I couldn't stand that background music anymore after that. The basement of the Shinra mansion in Nibelheim freaks me out, too, especially that two-headed humanoid monster that keeps flipping around, making the battles last extra-long. *shudder* Yeah, I'm a coward.]

And Advent Children doesn't make any more sense than it used to. XP

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Oh, and I might talk about characters and such at some point, but I'm not in the mood right now. You may prod me to do so in comments in you wish.

[On an unrelated note, I would like to point out my new gaming icon. I've long felt the need for one, but I just couldn't find or come up with anything. And this one's not even from a game. Bonus points to the first person besides [livejournal.com profile] smamole who identifies it without looking in my userinfo. :P]


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