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[Sorry, my brain's language barriers have been melted by too much anime. That is literally the only thing I could think of for the subject line.]

Today's GameFAQs "Game of the Decade" matchup is between Smash Brothers Melee and Smash Brothers Brawl, haha.

...it's been so long since I've played either, I can't remember which is which. -_-;;

Also, I see that FFIX versus FFX is coming up soon. (And later on a Zelda versus Zelda.) FFIX must have come out of a pretty weaksauce subdivision (even with a Phoenix Wright game). I thought no one loves that game but me. Nostalgia and chibi charas FTW. Also Zidane. <3

Too bad Okami lost to Metroid Prime. And Katamari Damacy didn't make it past the first round. But in the end it's just going to be a Zelda game versus a Square game, right? Though the Square games are not that strong, actually. Can FFX or KH2 pull through?

This whole contest makes me feel old. I'm still stuck in the world of 1990's games or something. But Chrono Cross is that recent? Really?
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Ahh, GameFAQs Character Battle, how much of my life must you waste? Didn't spend too long thinking about my entry this time -- it's not like I ever do very well anyway. More fun was to see who's up.

Gaming babble. )

In the end, it's hard to think it won't be down to the usual suspects -- Link, Cloud, Sephiroth, Mario -- though they did seed them all in the first four divisions so at least two of the final four will be new. Who? I couldn't even begin to say. Aeris? Solid Snake? Balthier? Sonic? Luigi? We shall see, I suppose.

ETA: WTF? I was supposed to pick the order of the two who made it to the next round? o_O;; Well, so much for any hope of winning. (Not that I ever had any.)
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Keeping on the topic of jobs . . . don't work for these people:

[Transcribed from a flyer I stole off of a bulletin board -- it'd already been covered up by someone else anyway.]

Who we are?

We are a 6 month startup, in the video/file sharing internet field, with more than 600,000 unique users per day, and ranked by alexa (www.alexa.com) in the middle 500s and 600s. We are growing at an average of 1.000% during the last 3 months, with Stanford Alumni management. We are going to be a top player in our niche market. We are Cash flow positive and we are planning to be funded soon.

Who must be you?

A star developer, with a deep knowledge of PERL (it is a condition to know it). Knowledge of C++, Flash, Macromedia and other is a plus. You must be a current student or recently graduate from Stanford or other top program. You must be available to work full time or part time, but must expect to work at a fast step during the first couple of months. You must be a workaholic because the team is demanding or be a workaholic because you want to be rich soon.

We are looking for the best PERL programmer, who wanted to be part of an international team, with base in Silicon Valley and Asia, to build the next Youtube. We offer equity and a good salary compensate with experience.

If you are interested, please, contact us: [email address redacted] or telephone: [phone number redacted]

Yes, that's it. Notice that, in spite of claiming to be ranked by Alexa and getting lots of hits, they never once mention the name of their company nor the website URL. (It's not obvious what the email address, a Gmail account, stands for, either. Possibly a personal name, possibly the company's name, possibly gibberish; I don't know.) But at least they were super-accurate about the 1.000% rate at which they are growing. That's 4 sig figs!

[I suppose it's quite possible that the people who wrote this are from a country where decimals are used instead of commas, so they mean a thousand, not one, percent. But still.]

If this were from a video game, I would surely nominate it for the new GameFAQs contest, which is apparently to decide the most memorable video game quote ever. I think they're probably right that "all your base are belong to us" is almost guaranteed to win, but I think there are a lot of interesting contenders if not. There are several FF classics, like "You spoony bard!" and "GRRRR-BAAAH!" that are fairly well known and close to my heart. And don't forget "a winner is you", which I think has become just as ubiquitous, if not as attention-grabbing, as "all your base".

But dude. "Who must be you?" "It is a condition to know it." XD

...I really need a ROFL icon.
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A bit closer of a race this time.

[It's Ganondorf vs. Vincent Valentine from FFVII in case you don't want to click.]

I mean, neither character is all that popular within his own fandom, I bet, but I figured Vincent might win out by a bit what with Dirge of Cerberus and all. And that's pretty much what's happening right now, with a 48-52 split.

Don't forget to vote for Kirby tomorrow! (>'0')>

ETA: Apparently Ganondorf vs. Vincent was the most underpredicted matchup yet, with only 39.39% correct. [Vincent won, BTW, by a healthy 5%.] I think the only other one below half so far was Kratos vs. Ryu (from Street Fighter), at 48.99%.
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The most no-brainer GameFAQs poll ever.

Actually, I'm surprised that, as of this post, Tingle still has almost 25% of the vote. *shudder* I suppose there are some arguments on the part of Zelda fans who refuse to give in to Square even on such a clear case as this. But dude. It's Tingle. Mocking from multiple online comics can't be wrong!

In other news, my entry is faring reasonably well so far -- not too surprising, since the first round isn't usually that hard. Two out of three of my mistakes so far have been from not knowing who one or both of the characters were -- Ada Wong vs. Jade and Celes vs. The Boss. I mean, who the hell is The Boss? I remember having this same problem when I underestimated the popularity of Master Chief. Why can't these people have actual names, dammit? My third mistake was Squall vs. Tidus. I guess I've hung around too many Squall-haters -- and personally, I kind of liked him. I really didn't think Tidus was that unpopular...

It's hard to say this early in the guys' section, but I think I have a better feel for the popularity of female characters. Or maybe it's just because we haven't gotten to any of the really difficult match-ups. It's kind of obvious who will be near the top: Peach, Zelda, Samus. It's harder to pick a single FF girl who will win all the fanboys. I've never known whether Tifa or Aeris is more popular, and while Rikku seems like she has a big cult, it seems FFX overall is less popular than VII or VIII. I'm surprised Rinoa didn't get a spot, since she probably would have made it pretty far, too.

Of course, no one I nominated is included either. [I don't really remember, but there was some Disgaea, and a lot of lesser-known FF characters like Zidane, Kuja, Locke, Edgar, Terra, etc. I don't think I nominated Celes, but maybe I did.]
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Zelda is beating FF!

Not that I had Aeris' chance in Disc 2 of winning because my entry was totally FUBAR from the start. It all began with my braindead assumption that this was about the best game ever and not the best series, all blindingly obvious evidence to the contrary. This somehow led me to believing that Final Fantasy would lose to Grand Theft Auto. And then GTA conveniently lost to Warcraft in the first round. (Albeit by a slim margin.) And then there was Silent Hill, which I predicted would make it up to Zelda, which also lost in the first round, to Fire Emblem. (Whaa?) So, by the Final Four, only two of my choices were still standing. But if I managed to pick the winner correctly, maybe I can still claim some kind of moral victory. (Ha. Like it wasn't a 50-50 guess to begin with.)

Eh well, it's not like I've ever been good at gauging the popularity of games or characters, especially among that unique breed known as Respondents to GameFAQs Polls, whom we've previously confirmed are 90% male, lie about their lack of grammar, and can't play video games when they're 7. :P

[I could've sworn I made a post somewhere about the gender poll, to which someone -- [livejournal.com profile] meril, I believe -- responded that girls just go to GameFAQs, grab what they need, and don't bother with the poll. But I can't find it anymore.]

At least they've started to remove previous winners from the new contests, so eventually we'll make it beyond Cloud/Sephiroth/FF7/FF versus Link/LoZ...

ETA: The nominations page for the next character battle says, "The following characters are guaranteed positions and do not need any nominations: Link, Cloud, Sephiroth, Mario." Damn you, GameFAQs, why?!
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Nobody plays video games when they're 7!

Okay, now go read the thing I just posted before this.


Nov. 11th, 2005 04:28 pm
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A little under 50% of respondents to the current GameFAQs poll claim they try to use correct grammar and spelling in all their online messages. THEY'RE ALL LIARS! I don't think you can get much less meticulous than I am and still be telling the truth, because I've been getting sloppier lately as well. The other possibility, I suppose, is that all these perfect English majors just never post anything anywhere because they're too busy proofreading their homework or something. But there's always time to answer the GameFAQs poll!

And not to be sexist or anything, but it was established at some point that some ridiculous percentage, like 90%, of the GameFAQs poll respondents are male. That makes me even more convinced that most of them are lying.

Okay, you can all flame me now.

Someday, I will resume having meaningful posts . . . but today is not that day!


Jul. 5th, 2005 01:11 am
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AX was awesome. Definitely would want to go again if I have the opportunity. But I still like Fanime, too, just for different reasons. More on all that later.

Most exciting announcement at the con: Matantei Loki will come out on DVD in the fall!

Most unique experience: getting stuck in the elevator. o.O;;

Biggest regret: not bidding on that Angel's Feather book of sketches in the charity auction. (But the other people probably would have outbid me anyway.)

Biggest barely-avoided regret: going to the Maaya Sakamoto concert after all. Totally worth not getting front-row seats at the masquerade.

Biggest purchase: all 9 volumes of Saiyuki (original Enix editions, in Japanese) for $45.

That's all I can think of right now. Back to JPL in, like, 6 hours. Also need to finish progress report. But I get paid, yay!

...crap, there was a last, small, non-AX related comment I was going to make, but I've totally forgotten. ... Oh yeah. I realized I have something like a week's worth of friends list to catch up on. x.x With Hyperion mafia taking up most of my reading time, that's unlikely to happen soon.

And since I'm babbling anyway, the Summer Contest looks interesting. There are a hell of a lot of characters I know. I swear they upped the fraction of Square characters by a lot. I mean, Riku, Frog, Yuna, Auron, Vivi, Sora, Cecil (!), Tidus, Rikku, Kefka, Crono, Zidane (!!! <3), Terra (!!), Vincent, Magus, Squall, and Tifa? Man. It'll be interesting to see how they all do. I'm putting as much hope in Zidane as I did in Kuja, but I'll still cheer for him. I'm also curious about how Laharl will do. I don't think Disgaea is hugely popular, even though it's such an awesome game. I think this is Zelda's first time, too, though Link and Ganondorf are veterans.

Okay, should probably go to bed now. >.>;;


May. 16th, 2005 03:22 am
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Wow, CATS and Ansem are head to head.

Not that I think Ansem would be that popular or anything, but CATS has done poorly in previous Character Battles and Ansem is at least Square.

So yeah, I submitted an entry for the Character Battle for the hell of it. Obviously, I haven't been doing very well, but I've been riding on the peak of the bell curve of points the whole time. Which is either scary or comforting, I'm not sure which. I mean, a plurality of people made the exact same predictions I did.

The first two people I got wrong were okay, because they're going up against strong people next round, including Sephiroth. But I got Ridley wrong, and I thought he was going to win against Bison, too, so at least by then I ought to start falling behind.

Looking at the contest stats is interesting. As in, "You mean there are actually people who don't think Sephiroth will win?" There used to be someone up there who thought Kuja would win. That made me kind of happy. As much as I love Kuja personally, I don't think he's going to make it past the first round.

I don't know gaming well enough to make these kinds of predictions, though. I don't know how to weight the obsessed fanboys versus the newness factor, like with the guy from Devil May Cry 3. [I really want to play the DMC games. After I learn how to handle those kinds of action RPGs (?) by playing Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. But that's a long way away.]

But I think Square kind of got shafted in the way some of their games ended up with the not-so-popular uber-uber-villain instead of the not-really-evil more visible manipulated underlings. I mean, Sin. Yay, random blob of clear fluid. But why not Riku or Maleficent (though I guess people would cringe at having a Disney character) instead of Ansem? And where are Edea and Seifer?

I'm most interested to see how Kefka does. Never quite figured out his appeal, but always had this vague sense that it was greater than I thought.
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Go go FFIX! Kuja doesn't stand a chance against Sephiroth, nor possibly even Kefka, but still. Wonder why there are 2 FF6 villains but no Edea or Ultimecia. Eh, well. Ultros is amusing. XD

I like the division names. ^^
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Dang. o.o

... I guess that's all I have to say.


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