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I was going to call this "vicious cycle", but I thought about it, and it wasn't really vicious as in tending to a bad result. So, I thought, "virtuous cycle?" But if in Japanese they call us fujoshi, "fu" meaning rot and depravity, I suppose it's not really virtuous either. :P So, I guess it's just a cycle of me running around as a fujoshi.

With the thrust of the cycle being that I want to go to Yaoi-Con.

The problem is, it kind of sucks to go to a con all by yourself, and I know absolutely no one who would be even the least bit interested in coming with. In the end, too, I think I probably won't go because, really, what would I get out of it.

Anyway, to go back to the beginning:

It all started when I was browsing the AniDB calendar and saw they were making a new BL anime called Koisuru Boukun. There haven't really been any good BL anime lately, not since Junjou Romantica. (I don't even want to talk about Uraboku.) I had come across the Koisuru Boukun page a few times, but this time I decided to investigate. I found the gensaku manga . . .

. . . and couldn't pull myself away until I had read all five and a half volumes or so that are out. I want to fangirl talk about the series some more, but I think that needs its own separate post.

So then, I thought, well maybe I would like the mangaka's other series. And in Googling her name, I realized she was going to be a guest at Yaoi-Con this year!

So then, I started perusing Yaoi-Con's guest list. And I have to say, they get so much better guests than FanimeCon. I guess it's not that surprising, since Yaoi-Con is the one and only, while Fanime is just another generic anime convention. But seriously, Yamane Ayano, Takanaga Hinako (the Koisuru Boukun mangaka), and . . . Kiuchi Hidenobu.

Okay, how in the world did they get a male seiyuu to guest at Yaoi-Con. I have to admire his courage. I mean, every girl in the audience is fantasizing about his characters being with other male characters. And even if he distances himself from his characters, it would still be his voice that's supplying the sound effects. >_>

[Actually, if I went, it would no longer be "every girl," because I see some of his roles that I like (Oshitari from PoT, Ryuuren from Saiunkoku, and, OMG, Hei from Darker than Black) but none that I would slash. He did play someone in Cluster Edge, which is one of those series that has zero insinuations but just happens to have a lot of pretty boys so girls take it and run. I guess PoT could be like that, too. But I speculated in a post once about potential pairings in Darker than Black, and just none of them appealed. I mean, Hei is a hot, sexy guy and deserves someone, but no one suits. The second season didn't help much in that area, either. What, is he going loli and hooking up with Suoh? *shudder*]

Anyways, so also in the guest list, I found Lynn Flewelling. Who apparently writes a fantasy series called Nightrunner. And I thought, "hey, I just finished a Pern marathon, which came after a Tortall marathon, and I am out of familiar series to marathon, so why not try something new?" And I read a couple of reviews at WeRead, including one that said Flewelling really did her homework on spycraft.

Two of my favorite genres, spy fiction and fantasy. Can it even be? Forget the slash part!

So now there are at least three big-name Yaoi-Con guests that have something on me. (With the potential fourth, Yamane Ayano . . . I don't know. It's been a long time since I read any Finder, much less Crimson Spell.)

But, what would I really get out of seeing or even meeting these people? That's why I think in the end I probably won't go. I will obsess for a while about how all these people I know are guests -- a stark contrast to Fanime -- but then I'll get over it. I'll keep consuming their media, but I'm not a star-chaser. It would be cool, maybe, to get an autograph or a sketch, but even with cons I tend not to make enough effort to get anything from the signing sessions. So that's that.

But it is crazy the amount of new stuff I have been dragged into, starting with this one little screenshot on AniDB.

I'm three chapters into the first Nightrunner book, now, and five chapters into the Koisuru Boukun prequel. ^^;;
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Oh Sunrise, you do know how to drive your fans wild.

Turn 12.31 is all Schneizel x Kanon.


And Lloyd there watching the whole time, OMG. I'm waiting for the threesome. \o/

In slightly less rabid fangirl mode: I really didn't think they would take it all the way, but it's hard to misinterpret Kanon's sideways glance and sultry voice. Then again, we already know that Kanon is a slut.

Seriously, like I've said in previous Geass entries that I'm too lazy to go through right now, I am disillusioned with both Schneizel and Kanon individually, so I find it hard to put myself behind the pairing. I do still like Lloyd, and I think there is some potential in Schneizel x Lloyd, especially if Schneizel can revert to his disciplinarian prefect days. LOL.

Confusion about how the series ended. )
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[New tag! For Code Geass. Dunno how much I'll use it going forward, but I figure I have enough in the archives already to warrant it. Maybe for Saiunkoku, too, but I wasn't sure on that one.]

So for a change of pace this year, instead of spending lots of money in the Artists' Alley, I bought some doujinshi instead. Even though I got them all from the Yaoi-Con booth, only two (out of six) of them were actually yaoi, and one was BL. The Yaoi-Con booth just happened to have the largest, best-organized, and most recent collection of any of the dealers.

Buying doujinshi was . . . an interesting experience. I can't say I have buyer's remorse per se, since I like all of the doujinshi I bought, and they were all reasonably priced, but . . . I don't know. Maybe they're just too short? The non-yaoi ones were . . . like reading fanfic, except with art, and not free. And the yaoi ones . . . I guess they were like fanfic, too. They just didn't seem like things I would want to continue spending money on. Maybe I'm just a cheapskate, and I want my fixes for free.

The way I thought about it at first, they were a good deal because they were about the price of a print from the Artists' Alley, but instead I got a whole book's worth of art. But they were also about the price of a volume of manga, with a lot fewer pages, and probably less re-read value. So I guess it's the one-shot nature of them that makes me less willing to pay. Art prints I can hang up -- at least theoretically, since I haven't actually gotten around to doing that for 99% of the art I've bought. But maybe they'll grow on me. All the doujinshi I got were very cute, clever, and/or insightful, so maybe I'll read them again now and then when I want to savor the relationships they portray.

Anyways, on to the fandom babble!

Saiunkoku Monogatari )

Phoenix Wright )

Darker than Black )

Code Geass (long) )

In the end, even though I did pretty well, I feel like buying doujinshi is so hit-or-miss. If I subscribed to more popular ships (SuzaLulu), or was less picky about art style, I would never have been able to decide what to get. And what you end up getting is so unpredictable. I need back-cover summaries! D:

Last thing: I'm thinking of emailing some of the artists whose work I bought. I'm not really sure what I'd say, but I kind of want to let them know that they're reaching people even in the States, and tell them to draw more C/Lulu keep up the lovely work. I wish I understood more about how doujinshi in Japan works, and how to navigate their websites (日本語能力足りない!), but at least I can babble at them in bad Japanese...
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[This is sort of the "everything else" post -- everything besides some extended babbling I will be doing about fandom, using my convention purchases as a springboard.]

So, general thoughts: as always, Fanime is a nice opportunity for Bay Area fans to gather, show off their cosplay, buy some official goods and fanart, and not spend 50% of the con waiting in lines. Unfortunately, it is still very weak on structured programming, especially guests. I only sat through one panel in its entirety, and even that one was only so-so. I probably should have gone to see Kiuchi Hidenobu, but even he can't compare with the big big-name seiyuu that show up at AX. Still, since it's a local con, on a holiday weekend that doesn't typically find me busy, it's worth the while.

Short, specific thoughts. )

Pictures soon, I hope. And last year's pictures. (Yes, I know, I suck.) Also, a Scrapblog. :]
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I've been meaning to do this meme, stolen from [livejournal.com profile] kalquessa, for more than two weeks now, but I just kept being busy. (Not that I'm no longer busy, but I can only do law non-stop for so long, especially when I have a cold that inhibits brain activity.)

So here are my fandom loves. Like [livejournal.com profile] kalquessa, these refer more to the series themselves than the fandom, because I tend not to be involved in many fandoms.

The one who seduced you, screwed you over, broke your heart in a million pieces, and then laughed about it.

Code Geass. I used to be excited about original series that were not based on novels or manga. [I'm not exactly sure why. Perhaps because then there wasn't the chance that the source was unfinished and the anime would have an inconclusive ending. Or maybe out of a sense of self-preservation, because I always end up wanting to go back and read the original. Or maybe I just wanted to know that I was watching something original and that an anime could be good by itself without having drawn on something else.] Code Geass taught me that not having even a supposed template to work off of can be just as bad as an unfinished template. Because it lets producers decide, "Hey, this is popular and making money. Let's drag it out." I was absolutely in love with Code Geass until around episode 20. Then I started getting more and more suspicious that it was not going anywhere I liked. By the time the postponed episodes aired, I practically hated it. And yet, there's no way I'm not going to watch the sequel. D:

The old flame, the steady, and more. )
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[The GIP component of this post: [livejournal.com profile] nendil drew this for me a while back after seeing [livejournal.com profile] maruchan's 研究パン icon. I knew I wanted to icon it, but I didn't feel worthy of using it until I'd actually played Phoenix Wright.]

So I've been playing Phoenix Wright for a month or so now. Wow, way to have a lawyer game that was apparently never vetted by a real lawyer. It took me a while to realize that at least some of the oddness might be ascribed to the fact that it's probably based on Japan's civil law system -- it would explain why there's no jury, for example. But some of the other details are still pushing it.

More lawyer stuff. )

In more general gameplay terms, I really like how the stories get progressively more complex, requiring you to make creative use of more and more features. At first you're just impeaching witnesses with evidence [that's what it's called, y'know, when you "find contradictions"]. Then you start having to examine a room and collect the evidence. Then you start having to present different pieces of evidence to characters to get them to tell you stuff. And in Rise From The Ashes, and on into the second game, from what I can tell, [or not] it starts becoming full-scale detective work: dusting for fingerprints, spraying for bloodstains, and all.

Throughout, though, the game is still extremely linear. I think somewhere I read them described as "visual novels", and I think that's very accurate. You're not really playing the game for the sake of playing, per se. You're there for the story -- the interactive element is just an excuse for not having FMV graphics. :P

Actually, it really reminds me of the games made by Humongous Entertainment -- Putt Putt, Freddi Fish, and Pajama Sam are the ones I've played. They were these semi-educational kids games that basically work the same way: you're clicking through screens that have interactive hot spots, but you can't unlock the next event until you've talked to people and done things in the proper order. In particular, when I had to go around trading Steel Samurai cards in Phoenix Wright, that was just like the part in Putt Putt Travels Through Time where you have to trade things from different time periods. I mean, you might find it worrisome that I'm comparing it to kids games, but seriously, some of those were hard. And I'd still play them today if we could find the discs, so.

Okay, that's all for the review. Now for fandom matters. :3

To slash or not to slash? )

P.S. I want to make my own Phoenix Wright moodtheme. The game has such awesome sprites.
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Today I decided to sign up for the Valentine's Day exchange at [livejournal.com profile] shinkumi. I've never done a V-Day exchange before, but I figured an icon or a wallpaper is no longer beyond my abilities and shouldn't be very time-consuming. If I'm feeling really motivated, I might make a Winamp skin, but that's highly unlikely. As should be patently obvious, I do not write fic anywhere near quickly enough to gift it.

So I guess that put Shinkumi on my mind.

After dinner, I started reading the article I'm reviewing for STLR, which is a lot longer than the one I edited last term. [Review = read and make a recommendation as to whether the journal should accept for publication. Edit = go through and fix stuff.] So between sections, I started getting distracted, and decided that I wanted to make a Shinkumi icon I've been thinking of making for a while, using this scene from volume 8 where Kumiko is in her schoolgirl disguise and is practically fangirling over Shin. [The truth behind what's going on, of course, is very different, but I thought it would make for a great out-of-context icon.]

I . . . I ended up coloring it. ._.;;

As the comm post says, I've never shaded anything before. I've been doing more colorizing lately for my Zaphkiel icons, but I just rely on the original art to provide the shadows and color variations. [The only exceptions are a few gradient fills, and highlights in Anael's hair.] So yeah, what followed was a lot of fudging and screwing around. Elbows and knees are hard, and they're probably still wrong. ^^;; And the final result looks hardly spectacular -- although I liked to turn off the line-art layer because then it almost looked like I knew what I was doing. I don't know if I'll do it again. But I guess it was a good experience.

Much credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] nendil, who not only has helpful tutorials posted at AFC -- OMG, magic wand and bucket-fill when you've got pure line-art <3 (but sadly it doesn't work for most of Kaori Yuki's stuff) -- but also from whom I've heard lots of random tips over the years, like use blue for shadows on white. ^^v

I haven't done an icon purge to upload the new icon yet, but I'll get around to it eventually. It says "fangirl", which I originally intended to refer to Kumiko's squeeing, but I when I look at it now I realize it has the ideal double-meaning of Kumiko's fangirling and being a fangirl of Shinkumi itself. :D

Speaking of fangirling... (Spoilers up through Gokusen 8, in case anyone cares.) )

And finally, some meta about tags: I realized that the "fandom" tag is used extremely inconsistently. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it from now on. Also, I wonder if I should change the "gokusen" tag to "shinkumi"? Eh, well, you guys should be able to figure it out. ^.~
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Mm, so it was pointed out to me that I sound really "sad" in all of my entries about studying lately, so I thought I should make clear that, while I do have a rather bleak outlook on the whole thing, it's not really affecting my sanity in general.

To prove it, I thought I'd make a post that I've been pondering for a while...

What I always wonder is, how do people come up with pairing names, specifically the ones that combine the two characters' names, and how do other people become aware of them? I've slowly picked up more and more, largely thanks to [livejournal.com profile] iconfiend100, but the process in general is still beyond me.

For example, all of the pairing names I've seen so far make perfect sense, but none of the ones I've tried to come up with on my own are any good at all.

Ones I've seen:
Shinkumi = Shin + Yankumi
Ishihime = Ishida + Orihime
Sorashi = Sorata + Arashi
Hemuloki = Heimdall + Loki
(and many more that I can't think of right now)

One's I've attempted: (don't laugh . . . too hard)
Subaru + Seishirou = Sushirou? Susei? Seibaru? It just doesn't work... @_@
Ayumu + Hiyono = Ayono? Hiyumu? Hiyomu?
(and many more that I don't want to think about right now)

On a related note, I have a similar question regarding the Japanese-style short names for anime series. Americans tend to prefer letter abbreviations like RK or KGNE, whereas Japanese fans do it by syllable like RuroKen and KimiNozo (for Rurouni Kenshin and Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, respectively). Sometimes I feel like I understand the rule, but then there are some bizarre exceptions like Kokumono for Saiunkoku Monogatari. And generally you use two syllables, but then there are ones like MaLoki.

So, yeah. Just random linguistic-ish ponderings of mine.

Ironically, the decision to post this now was actually inspired by a pairing name that isn't even a combination of names and thus doesn't really interest me: Elricest. *shudder* Name aside, the concept is all kinds of wrong.

ETA: (3/6/07) I figured out one of them! Subaru + Seishirou = Subashirou. XD
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[I figure the icon post itself will get crowded enough as it is, so I won't clutter it with more fangirling.]

So Angel Sanctuary finally broke my resolve not to mass-produce LJ icons. I mean, I've made all of my own default icons, but those are less of the, um, "artistic icon-making" style that I would adopt back when we still made AIM icons. But the art in Angel Sanctuary is just so pretty. At first I told myself I was just going to make a lot of bases and post them to [livejournal.com profile] angelsancicons. But then I realized that cleaning up manga scans is a pain, and if I just went ahead and made icons out of some of them, I didn't even have to do that step because the pixellation would be masked by the colors and textures I was using. Oh, and discovering textures was also good. Slap a manga image onto a texture and play with the blending modes -- my sister likes Hard Light, but I prefer Linear Dodge or multiple layers of Screen -- and you, too, can make gorgeous-looking icons.

So then to be a masochist and to "motivate" myself, I promptly decided to make an [livejournal.com profile] iconfiend100 claim. I told you I tend to be really impulsive and wanting to do things now now now when these kinds of urges strike me, right? Just like with translating.

It didn't really take me that long to settle on Zaphkiel as my subject. [I would do general Angel Sanctuary, but that feels like a copout: not challenging enough. Like making 100 icons isn't a challenge just by itself.] Of my collection of bases, there are 5 characters that warranted their own directories -- Belial, Katan, Katou, Kira, and Zaphkiel [and Raphael will probably get one once I go through more of the chapters with him in it] -- but Zaphkiel was really the only one that had many different faces that could fit the themes in an icon challenge. Katou might have worked, but there's already a completed iconfiend100 challenge on him, so it would have felt redundant. I love Belial, but he always has the same expression -- or at least, I only like him when he has that expression. D: And too much time with Katan, cute as he is, makes me sick of his kissing up and unwavering loyalty to Rociel, whom I dislike greatly. Kira probably would have been the easiest choice of the 5, but for some reason I just didn't feel like it. Maybe because there are tons of Kira icons already, and I'd only want to focus on his sexier shots and ones with my preferred ships, which are far short of a hundred. On the other hand, I'd seen several requests for Zaphkiel icons, even though I'd found several good ones by going through the old posts on [livejournal.com profile] angelsancicons. So Zaphkiel it was.

I can't really say he's the character I like the most, but he's the character I like for the most reasons. [After this, he'll probably either be my most beloved or most hated character, depending on how hard I have to work to eke out those last few themes.] I mean, he's genki yet enigmatic and shrewd, which already nets him big points. Then it turns out that he has a tragic past, during which he was sexy and badass. I'm not sure what you could add to make me love him more. Perhaps some ersatz English courtesy of Okiayu Ryoutarou. ^o^ And, uh, a happier ending. But since this is Angel Sanctuary, that last is probably asking a bit much.

I guess the other thing Zaphkiel could use is some better pairings. Cut for spoilers and some disturbing ships that I do not endorse. )

Anyhow, I've been making one to two icons a day right now, but I imagine that will slow down greatly once I'm only left with the hard themes, and school starts, and I have fewer bases, etc. etc. Although after repeatedly going through the Zaphkiel chapters, I've actually acquired about 70 pages or so of bases, and some of those have more than one usable shot, so the 100 problem is at least superficially solved.

But man, that table looks awfully empty right now.

Book lust.

Aug. 3rd, 2006 10:45 pm
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[...and other kinds of lust. But that's further down.]

OMG I need to live in Japan.

So I can buy lots and lots of Japanese novels.

Except living space in Japan is so expensive, I probably wouldn't have space for them.

Oh, the dilemma.


Book lust mixed with anime fangirling, so that no one constituent on my friends list will have any clue what I'm talking about! )
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[The ex post facto subject is from a comment by Neuroretardant in response to an article about fansubs on ComiPress.]

Two links from [livejournal.com profile] kalquessa I wanted to pass along...

Thinking Fourth Dimensionally, a short and amusing Hermione fic. Please be warned that close examination of the site banner may cause you to run away in terror. I'd like to think of myself as pretty open-minded when it comes to ships, but the teacher/student Harry Potter pairings make me squeamish.

[As you will soon figure out, linking to the fic was just an excuse for me to blather aimlessly about shipping for a post.]

I mean, I've read some hundreds of thousands of words of this guy's Lina/Xelloss epic, Absolution, in spite of being a devoted Xelloss/Filia shipper. [Not to mention, although I wouldn't say I ship them, I tend to shy away from anything that's not Lina/Gourry and Zelgadis/Amelia.] But the fic does argue a reasonably convincing case for Lina/Xelloss, and doesn't just pretend Gourry doesn't exist, as I'd imagine a good number of such fics do.

When I was composing this entry in my head, I was going to say that my ships are so canon it's boring, but thinking about it more, I guess that's not really true. For the most part I don't like mushy romantic pairings [with notable exceptions like Haruka/Michiru and Arc/Kukuru], so I tend to go for pairings that are hinted at but never quite happen in the actual series, like Ryouga/Ukyou, Amarant/Freya, and ShinKumi. [ZOMG SHINKUMI OTP SQUEE!] Tension makes things interesting, after all.

Though to be honest, I tend to fangirl characters much more than ships, and I tend to like the loners anyway. I doubt I'd ship Amarant/Freya if it wasn't for a few amazing authors, notably Guardian with her snarky!Amarant and wussy!Fratley. Otherwise I might have thought Freya/Fratley kind of cute. My introduction to Xelloss/Filia similarly began as a Xelloss obsession, which partly explains why I put up with Absolution.

Anyhow, the other link was to the Fandom Biography of Ms. Scribe, which gave me more than an entire day of enjoyment and drama. Since then, I've had random moments in which I felt that my life was suddenly devoid of anything interesting, like I needed a good flamewar, or maybe some fandom wank. It really is quite amazing some of the things she orchestrated, but I can't believe how sloppy she was in other respects. Mixing accounts? Not keeping your sockpuppets' stories straight? What's up with that? My first thought was that she should have played some online mafia first. That would have taught her to proofread her posts to avoid inconsistences and to carefully disassociate herself from her scum buddies. Then again, usually in online mafia, your scum buddies are real, other people. [Although a friend did joke once about signing up multiple accounts for the same game; I don't think it would have worked.]

Actually, I also had quite a bit of fun with just the first chapter of the biography, which is just a background of the HP fandom. There was so much melodrama. But now that I think about it, it's not so different from my own experiences in other fandoms. I remember a rather lengthy exchange I had with one close-minded guy over gay acceptance in one Sailor Moon list... I guess it must have started with Haruka/Michiru, but I don't remember it being even remotely on-topic afterwards. Also, at first I thought it was crazy that shipping wars would be so impassioned, and then I remembered the Subaru x Seishirou versus Subaru x Kamui wars that raged through the X fandom way back when. There were cliques and webrings and fansites, and it got pretty nasty with the exclusion and the insults. I remember one argument that SxS was incredibly dark and violent and evil, and supporting it made you a bad person, whereas Subaru and Kamui could heal each other from all the horribleness, or something like that. Yeah. [I was still wary of the whole thing when I posted my SxK Winamp skin, hence the disclaimers on the site and in the readme.]

...ah, now I really do feel like my life is so boring these days. But I don't have the time to enter or keep up with any fandoms, and I generally arrived to all of them late anyhow.

Yeah, just some pointless rambling from me. Trying to clear out my head of comments I want to make and my bookmarks of links I want to post about.


Oct. 31st, 2005 03:51 pm
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So I gave in and started watching the Gokusen live action drama. I'd tried watching Densha Otoko a few weeks ago and basically concluded that dramas were not my thing. Obviously, my motivation for watching Gokusen is stronger, but I already had to console myself by deciding that I have no reason for watching the second season since there's no Shin, and by all reports it's just the plot of the first one rehashed. A lot of the online fandom I've found so far centers around the drama rather than the anime, though, so I figured I should see what it's all about. I watched the first two episodes last night around the CDS110a midterm, and I've already become unhappy with most of the changes.

Long rant-ish thing with spoilers. )

Closing thought: I really should cosplay as Yankumi or at least make the costume. It'd be really simple, and also really hard to tell that I was cosplaying, but it's just so perfect. She doesn't even have bangs! I'm always worried that if I cosplay I'll look weird if I don't have bangs, but Yankumi really does have pretty much the same hair as I do, so it's not a problem.
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So we're watching Gokusen in club, which is about Yamaguchi Kumiko, the granddaughter of a yakuza (mafia) leader whose dream is to be a teacher. She ends up at a high school full of delinquents. While she tries to keep her yakuza background a secret, her students keep getting into all sorts of trouble, and she has to draw on her training to get them through it. The leader of the students in her homeroom class is a guy named Sawada Shin. He's a lot smarter, quieter, and less trouble-making than the rest, but he gets them out of trouble and tends to supply their most mischievous plans. I've heard the series compared to GTO, but I haven't seen that, so I can't say how similar their plots are.

The show is full of slapstick humor and really cheesy drama, but for some reason I really, really like it; on the same level as Azumanga Daioh. As usual, I'm really sentimental, and Gokusen actually has a fair number of warm, fuzzy moments... if you get over the craziness.

Anyhow, it occurred to me today during showings that Shin and Yankumi -- the students' nickname for Kumiko -- are a really cute couple. It's just so funny to see Shin's reactions when Yankumi does something weird. And after he found out what she is, the two of them seemed to become a sort of team, helping each other to keep the other students out of trouble. For all that Yankumi has a girly crush on the gang's lawyer, she's really close to her students and has a lot of affection for them that doesn't really fit within the student-teacher relationship. Aaah, they just have so much chemistry!

So yeah. Maybe I'll go make an icon and make that the basis of my new LJ theme. It's been too long since I've been fangirly anyway. ^o^


Jul. 5th, 2005 01:11 am
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AX was awesome. Definitely would want to go again if I have the opportunity. But I still like Fanime, too, just for different reasons. More on all that later.

Most exciting announcement at the con: Matantei Loki will come out on DVD in the fall!

Most unique experience: getting stuck in the elevator. o.O;;

Biggest regret: not bidding on that Angel's Feather book of sketches in the charity auction. (But the other people probably would have outbid me anyway.)

Biggest barely-avoided regret: going to the Maaya Sakamoto concert after all. Totally worth not getting front-row seats at the masquerade.

Biggest purchase: all 9 volumes of Saiyuki (original Enix editions, in Japanese) for $45.

That's all I can think of right now. Back to JPL in, like, 6 hours. Also need to finish progress report. But I get paid, yay!

...crap, there was a last, small, non-AX related comment I was going to make, but I've totally forgotten. ... Oh yeah. I realized I have something like a week's worth of friends list to catch up on. x.x With Hyperion mafia taking up most of my reading time, that's unlikely to happen soon.

And since I'm babbling anyway, the Summer Contest looks interesting. There are a hell of a lot of characters I know. I swear they upped the fraction of Square characters by a lot. I mean, Riku, Frog, Yuna, Auron, Vivi, Sora, Cecil (!), Tidus, Rikku, Kefka, Crono, Zidane (!!! <3), Terra (!!), Vincent, Magus, Squall, and Tifa? Man. It'll be interesting to see how they all do. I'm putting as much hope in Zidane as I did in Kuja, but I'll still cheer for him. I'm also curious about how Laharl will do. I don't think Disgaea is hugely popular, even though it's such an awesome game. I think this is Zelda's first time, too, though Link and Ganondorf are veterans.

Okay, should probably go to bed now. >.>;;
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Manga Jouhou posted a link to this article about yaoi in the Boston Globe called "He loves him, she loves them". It was pretty lucid, I thought, except for the pronunciation of yaoi. Personally, I think "ya-oh-ee" is a lot more accurate, but hey. I mean, they defined uke and seme! I remember it took me a while to figure out what those meant.

I think they should have mentioned much earlier that there's a difference between BL and yaoi, though, and stressed it more. I hate people labeling shounen-ai as yaoi, and it sucks if it's true that American companies aren't bothering to make the distinction. There was a thing recently, when this person got people to watch Kyou Kara Maou and then got burned because some idiots who wouldn't give the show a chance immediately complained that it was all gay and would have been awesome if they'd just put in a few cute girls. So when she talked about Sukisyo, she immediately had huge warnings about how the show was "boy + boy = loving!" and was thus yaoi (which is more like "boy + boy = sex!" XD). And promptly got burned again because people thought she was the one being homophobic. Though Sukisyo is much more explicit than Kyou Kara Maou.

[It's funny, apparently in Japan they tend to call shounen-ai BL, for "boys' love", whereas I'd always heard Westerners calling it shounen-ai. It's kind of like how some fansubbers will put "arigatou" when the character says "sankyuu".]

But I swear, if ADV starts labeling Kyou Kara Maou as yaoi, I won't buy the DVDs. >/

The other problem I had with the article was that they mentioned straight guys' reactions to yaoi but not gay guys'. Who, if you believe the Yaoi Con website, would laugh at it because the relationships are unrealistic, too, not just the way the series deal with homosexuality itself. But no animanga romances are like real life, I guess, so it goes without saying.

And I guess the discussion of scanlations and doujinshi is way too brief, and doesn't really explain that they can be complementary, or completely unrelated, and generally not substitutes for each other, which was the impression I got out of the article. Also funny how, for brevity's sake, the terms doujinshi and scanlation themselves become rarefied fangirl vocabulary "not even familiar to people within the manga universe". I doubt they'd find many people agreeing with that.
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Meme jacked from [livejournal.com profile] mergle.

1. The first character you first fell in love with:
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now:
3. The character everyone else loves that you don't:
4. The character you love that everyone else hates:
5. The character you dislike:

Allow me to demonstrate how out of touch I am with every single fandom I may profess to be a part of. )


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