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I . . . don't know how to describe this video, but just . . . go watch it.


[It appears to be from a Japanese game show, so that might give you an idea as to which segments of my flist this primarily addressed to.]
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Keeping on the topic of jobs . . . don't work for these people:

[Transcribed from a flyer I stole off of a bulletin board -- it'd already been covered up by someone else anyway.]

Who we are?

We are a 6 month startup, in the video/file sharing internet field, with more than 600,000 unique users per day, and ranked by alexa (www.alexa.com) in the middle 500s and 600s. We are growing at an average of 1.000% during the last 3 months, with Stanford Alumni management. We are going to be a top player in our niche market. We are Cash flow positive and we are planning to be funded soon.

Who must be you?

A star developer, with a deep knowledge of PERL (it is a condition to know it). Knowledge of C++, Flash, Macromedia and other is a plus. You must be a current student or recently graduate from Stanford or other top program. You must be available to work full time or part time, but must expect to work at a fast step during the first couple of months. You must be a workaholic because the team is demanding or be a workaholic because you want to be rich soon.

We are looking for the best PERL programmer, who wanted to be part of an international team, with base in Silicon Valley and Asia, to build the next Youtube. We offer equity and a good salary compensate with experience.

If you are interested, please, contact us: [email address redacted] or telephone: [phone number redacted]

Yes, that's it. Notice that, in spite of claiming to be ranked by Alexa and getting lots of hits, they never once mention the name of their company nor the website URL. (It's not obvious what the email address, a Gmail account, stands for, either. Possibly a personal name, possibly the company's name, possibly gibberish; I don't know.) But at least they were super-accurate about the 1.000% rate at which they are growing. That's 4 sig figs!

[I suppose it's quite possible that the people who wrote this are from a country where decimals are used instead of commas, so they mean a thousand, not one, percent. But still.]

If this were from a video game, I would surely nominate it for the new GameFAQs contest, which is apparently to decide the most memorable video game quote ever. I think they're probably right that "all your base are belong to us" is almost guaranteed to win, but I think there are a lot of interesting contenders if not. There are several FF classics, like "You spoony bard!" and "GRRRR-BAAAH!" that are fairly well known and close to my heart. And don't forget "a winner is you", which I think has become just as ubiquitous, if not as attention-grabbing, as "all your base".

But dude. "Who must be you?" "It is a condition to know it." XD

...I really need a ROFL icon.


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