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Ah, nothing like completionism -- also known as "must. unlock. all. songs!" -- to get you exercising. We finally got DDR SuperNOVA over the weekend, and I've already gotten through all the Stellar Joints except THE LAST (which I thought was the last, until I just looked at the walkthrough and found out that there's another one after it) and PIZZA BOX, which I think means almost all the songs are buyable except the red ones (Fascination MAXX, Healing-D-Vision, CHAOS, etc.), which I'm not all that eager to unlock, since I can't beat any of them anyway. (...well, maybe Healing-D-Vision is kind of cool.)

I've been kind of disillusioned by DDR since ITG. ITG's steps are just so much better. They flow more smoothly, and when the steps are complicated, they're challenging in a way that's energizing to do, not in a way that tries to break your feet or make you fall over. (Trip Machine, anyone?) ITG's arrow style lets you see what's going on right away, and having a song progress bar is the brilliant innovation Konami apparently never thought of. I think those criticisms are still true of SuperNOVA, but at least there are lots of really cool songs to make up for it. DDR Extreme 2 has so few songs on it that I like that I can barely do a worthwhile exercise session without switching versions.

I think TIERRA BUENA by itself makes SuperNOVA worth it. :D

DDRMAX and MAX2 did a good job with having more mainstream music while putting enough J-Pop and classic DDR songs to keep me interested. SuperNOVA follows that trend, what with the techno stuff, BeForU, TERRA, and others. I may even come to tolerate the scary English-ness of Freckles.

Yeah, anyway, apparently Wikipedia has a nice songlist, so I'm not going to try to list stuff.


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