Nov. 3rd, 2011 08:41 pm
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Oh shit. Someone came out with an awesome Sima Shi.

Good thing I'd already gotten over my idea of cosplaying him.

Maybe I'll be inspired to do someone in one of the shows I'm watching right now. If not, preparing for the karaoke contest will probably keep my hands full anyway.
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I had a dream a few nights ago that some friends and I were sitting in a room with a projector screen, watching a live feed of skits from AX. I guess that's a sign that I should get to posting about those thoughts for next year's Fanime that I mentioned last time.

In short, I have BIG PLANS.

First of all, I decided that I want to enter the karaoke contest. In 2009, I watched part of the prelims, and did open mic, and so I want to take it a step further. Not that I think I'd win or anything, but from what I remember, I think I have at least some chance of making it to the finals. And while open mic was fun, it didn't feel quite meaningful enough.

As things get closer, you'll probably get more posts about different songs and with sound clips and desperate pleas for feedback. As a small preview:

I'm pretty sure right now that my prelim song will be "Forever..." by Savage Genius, the OP for Erementar Gerad. It's got a strong beat but not too much melodic "help" from the accompaniment, except for the little Engrish parts. My only challenge right now is that I want to do both verses, and I'll have to figure out a way to cut things down to meet the length limit -- it's almost 20 seconds too long, which is a lot.

I'm less sure what I'd sing for the finals, if I made it that far. Top candidates right now are "My Soul, Your Beats!" by Lia, the OP for Angel Beats, and "Will" by lisa, the OP for Melody of Oblivion. I like "My Soul, Your Beats!" because it has impact and, aside from the intro, basically no long instrumental parts. But I don't have the timing quite down, and it's very hard to keep synced during the long chorus at the end. I'm a bit more solid on "Will", and I like it's varied structure, but I don't know what I'd do during that long violin solo. I also know my voice has a tendency to wobble on sustained notes when I'm in public -- though I haven't tested it all that much since I did "Kaze no Uta" (Nuriko's first image song from Fushigi Yuugi) in high school.

There are lots of other songs I know quite well, of course, but they all have certain disadvantages. I like "Hitomi no Naka no Meikyuu" (Kayou Aiko; Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito) and "Hitomi no Kakera" (FictionJunction YUUKA; Madlax) but I'm pretty sure my voice is really breathy when I sing those. There's also a considerable number of songs that I am currently not considering because they have no lead-in, including "Musouka" (Suara; Utawarerumono), "energy" (Inoue Marina; Ginban Kaleidoscope), and "Cocktail" (Hysteric Blue; Spiral). I watched a girl try a song like that in 2009; she had to ask the tech guy to tell her when he started the song, and it still didn't work. If one of those songs really seizes my fancy, though, I'll experiment with adding a tone at the beginning of the track to cue me in. Last, there are a couple of songs I like and know well but which I just think are too "easy". Top among those is "Kouya Ruten" by FictionJunction YUUKA, OP to an anime with a really long title that I've never watched.

Anyway, that's about enough of that for now, right?

The other part of my BIG PLANS is that I need to come up with another cosplay. I've decided that cosplay adds a lot to the con experience, but as I alluded to before, I can't just keep being Xellos forever.

So. Who to cosplay?

The idea of doing someone from Avatar has been kicking around for a while, but I'm kind of lukewarm. I love Avatar in every way, but I don't love any of the characters I could cosplay. While I was rewatching the series, I briefly considered Azula in her Earth Kingdom outfit. It's hopefully still recognizable, while sparing me from having to compete with all the awesome armor-makers out there. But the most positive sentiment I have for Azula is an occasional "meh".

While flipping through the artbook at Kinokuniya, another idea came to me: I could be the Painted Lady. I liked it because it hearkens back to my first cosplay with [ profile] nendil, when we were also alternate "versions" of the same person (Mistress Nine and Sailor Saturn). But... I don't know.

In the end, any cosplay -- no matter how simple-seeming -- is a huge effort for me. It's not worth it unless the idea grabs me completely. I really have to enjoy every moment that I'm in costume. Xellos was like that. But Avatar just wouldn't be, I feel.

The idea that did grab me . . . may well be the death of me. But since it popped into my head, it hasn't shaken loose.

The idea is: Sima Shi, from Dynasty Warriors 7.

Since Dynasty Warriors always has super-elaborate costumes, and weapons, and armor, and I don't know the first thing about how to make any of those, you can see why I have doomed myself. But somehow I slowly delude myself into thinking it's doable -- without having really researched any aspect of it yet, of course.

But how much fun it would be if I could pull it off! I would have poses, including the one from his kickass "chouten wo mezasu" cutscene. I could even bring a meat bun with me for gags. And I can totally to his hair. (Once I figure out how to attach that hat thing.) Another plus: he's kind of a lone character, so I don't need a group.

I confess I had been trying not to get too carried away with the idea until after AX pictures were up and I could see what awesome cosplayers showed up to put my feeble ideas to shame. But, actually, I've only seen one Sima Shi so far. Not necessarily a good sign, if it means everyone else gave up on him, but given the number of Wang Yuanji's and Bao Sanniang's, I don't think that's really it.

So, we'll see. I'm too busy right now to invest more in the idea, but I've got almost a year to cobble something together.

Or maybe I'll be inspired by some new series I'm watching after all. I did consider Anri from Durarara!!, but I think I have a bias against doing characters in schoolgirl outfits, although I have considered several over the years. Haven't seen anyone from Blue Exorcist as yet, but the series is still young. And there's still fall and winter seasons to come.

And maybe time will pass and this unattainable idea will fade. I've already mostly gotten over the DW7 addiction, after all.

Oh, bonus points to anyone who noticed (or knew) that Sima Shi is voiced by Okiayu-sama. But I promise that's not the only reason I like him.
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Man, time really flies. I guess I should post about Fanime before it all slips away...

It was a pretty chill con, so there's not a whole not to report. Compared to Yaoi-Con, when I was just running around from guest event to guest event, there wasn't a rigid schedule I had to follow at Fanime. I did go to a couple panels, but not really of the pure "fan" type: Awesomely Bad J-Pop Music Videos, the comedy club, Whose Line Is It Fanime. They were all quite good, but they were all in the evening, so didn't affect schedule much.

During the day, it was really just a bunch of wandering the dealers room and artist alley, multiple times each. And spotting cosplayers. And dropping in on random video rooms when our feet got tired. The only thing that was scheduled was the photoshoots. Also, somehow we could never manage to get to the con earlier than about 10 or 11, no matter how early we got up.

So I don't really have that many takeaways. It was a fun con, and another great masquerade year -- though it's a little discouraging that you almost have to be good at choreography/dancing to have a good skit. Not that I'd ever be in the masquerade.

One downer to the masquerade, which I might as well get out of the way: they told me at the door that I had to leave my staff under one of the tables outside of the auditorium. When I lifted the tablecloth to find a place to put it, the area was full of all sorts of random crap -- strollers, wall scrolls, and other people's long props. I had serious misgivings about leaving my staff there, but I tried to tuck it in the back in hopes that it would be spared. When I took it out, everything seemed fine at first. Then when I started to raise it, the red globe fell out and shattered on the floor. That kind of sucked, but at least I have plenty more where that one came from. But I realized later that there is actually a serious crack in one of the upper prongs, where it's pure papier-mache. To fix it, I'll probably have to sand off all the paint, and possibly several layers of newspaper, and then redo the whole section. All this, when if they'd just told me in advance, I could have gone and left my staff in the car.

So yeah, that still bums me out a lot every time I think about it. I try not to, especially since I'm retiring the Xellos cosplay indefinitely anyway. Maybe I'll never have to deal with it.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Xellos cosplay. Even if I had to wear glasses this time, and ended up not having a chance to get white gloves. I'm proud of how the whole thing turned out. And I think maybe I got slightly more recognition this time. Also, as shown in my pictures, we found another Xellos. I guess there are always two of us. :]

But I think two years is about right for a costume. Xellos is a classic, so I bet I could go back to it down the road, but not for a couple years at least.

So, window-shopping, photoshoots and random cosplay, and witty performances. I think that sums up the con.

Oh, we did watch the best videos of 2011 from, which were pretty good. Even the serious ones. And there were some awesome comedy ones, like Every Anime Opening Ever Made (which kind of loses steam, and may be laugh-out-loud funny only in group settings, but which I think is still worth mention) and the dangerously addictive Fast Food Song (sorry, I really can't find an original video).

And while I'm posting videos, as I mentioned there were lots of great masquerade skits. I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but here's a sampling:
Portal - Amazingly well put-together, even though I didn't recognize it at first.
Team Obsidian - Just a fun little Pokemon skit.
The Hungry Cosplayers - An example of what I meant when I said you have to be good at choreography/dancing. I enjoyed the skit, but I wasn't sure I recognized the series until halfway through.
And, of course, the martial arts Avatar skit.

...okay, rewatching them now on YouTube, I realize that there were just a ton of really good skits this year, so you should just go watch them all. I remember now: the majority of the first ten made no sense, but after that it was great.

I had a soft spot for the Sengoku Basara skits, as well as Sengoku Basara cosplayers, since that was one series I'd picked up since my last Fanime. Actually, I started watching it because Okiayu-sama mentioned it at Yaoi-Con. Apparently it was his one cosplay experience, for some promotional event. Of all the awesome roles he has that he could dress up as, he had to be . . . Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Ugh. And I went into the series knowing that Okiayu-sama didn't show up until season two and really wasn't that major a role in terms of speaking time. But it turned out to be a very fun series that I enjoyed a lot. Completely silly and ridiculous, but fun. I have to mention two of the skits. The first one because they capture Sanada's delivery and Masamune's random English catchphrases so amazingly well. "Here we go!" XD And the second one because it really is pretty witty, whatever you think about the ending. (I think DateSana is blah, but you can't beat the enthusiasm of squealing fujoshi.)

So I know that was totally disjointed, but that's what I remember of Fanime right now. I was going to include thoughts about next year's Fanime -- since I'm going to be working downtown, I might as well go -- but I think I'll save that for another post. And thus I will slowly train myself to post regularly again . . . or something.
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I guess I at least owe you guys pictures. Especially [ profile] nendil, who has been waiting to see the Avatar photoshoot. And considering how much Avatar I've been (re)watching lately...

I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Main Gallery

Some highlights:

Avatar photoshoot starts here. Melon Lord!

Super-awesome FFXIII cosplay starts here.

Chief Pikachu redux. Now with sexy sidekick. But what happened to Charlie the Charmander?! (Cf. 2009.)

With another Xellos.

Pimpin' Super Mario. My first picture, and I think still my favorite cosplay of the con.

Aaaaand... getting those pictures to you took all the time/energy/attention I have for now, so the report itself will have to wait for another time.
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Fanime 2008 | Fanime 2007

Highlights from '08 include:

Tons of Phoenix Wright pictures, starting here.

Tons of Dynasty Warriors (different groups), starting here. I guess 5 was a big hit. (Not like 6...)

Silly poses from the Final Fantasy VII gathering, starting here. And by "Final Fantasy VII" I mean, "90% Advent Children".

A. oryzae.

The best fake-out ever.

And dude, there was this awesome Lina that I'd forgotten about. Why didn't she come this year? ;_;

As for '07, I only went for one day and wasn't really focused on taking pictures, so I can't say there are highlights per se. But there was Hard Gay.
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Main Gallery | Xellos Cosplay Subgallery

The subgallery has some pictures of my costume in-progress with more comments about its construction, in case anyone cares. I probably should have taken more progress pictures, but I was so rushed to just make the thing that I usually didn't think to pause and document. Especially the last few days when it was like: sew until I can't sew anymore; as a break from sewing, pink until I can't pink anymore; as a break from pinking, paint another coat on the staff; back to sewing! @_@

Some other highlights from the gallery:


With the other Xellos.

Seirei no Moribito, squee!

And Candace, this one's for you. (Sorry, I didn't see any Moyashimon this year.)

But there's too much good stuff for me to mention them all, so you should take a look.

Will get the previous two years up as soon as possible, but I have already neglected bar studying too much today. T_T
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I have to say, of all the cons I have been to, Fanime 2009 was probably the one I enjoyed the most. Looking back at my comments on the previous two Fanimes, it's kind of hard to tell what was different. Maybe it was just the cosplay. Maybe there were subtle changes in operations. Maybe it was the realization that, even though Fanime guests are obscure and tangential to my interests, they are generally cool, amusing people. But whatever it was, it worked.

Panel fail. )

Masquerade win. )

Cosplay win. )

Random remainders. )

And that's Fanime 2009!

I really think Fanime hit its sweet spot this year. Enough people and things going to have constant excitement but not so crowded or busy as to be overwhelming. I'm afraid that it will soon pass critical mass and become "line con", but for this year at least, it was good.

[Pictures forthcoming, I promise. It's hard to juggle the rest of my life with bar review classes -- I had to write most of this post over the course of several lunch breaks. *sigh*]

ETA: Masquerade video links! Kuroshitsuji and Pokémon.
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Today was kind of a day of panel fail all around. But it's not time to talk about that yet.

Xellos final evolution(-r). )

I have to say that Xellos is a really good cosplay choice. His outfit is relatively manageable in terms of moving around, being able to go to the bathroom, etc. And underneath the cloak, he basically wears normal clothes, so you don't need to strip to be able to go somewhere for dinner after the con. And he has a bag, so you can carry stuff with you and not need to put it down every time someone asks to take a picture. (And black is almost an acceptable choice for the bag color, so you don't have to make or buy something special, either.)

I would definitely want to wear the costume again, whenever my hair being shoulder-length coincides with my attending a convention. But someday I will do Yankumi, too. Even more obscure, yay!

We did find Filia, and as I suspected she had no mace, but we still got a nice action shot. )

And I sang at open-mic karaoke, as I've always wanted to! I thought I should represent for my series more, so I did "Plenty of grit", the Slayers Revolution OP. Unfortunately, the guy did not announce my song (though they did for most other people), so people were probably still clueless as to who I was and what I was singing. But I made at least one fangirl happy: as I walked onto the stage, she jumped up and shouted, "Yay Slayers!" and then as the song started, her eyes widened and she gave a little gasp and just looked so excited. ^_^v That was worth all the practicing last night and editing the track (to cut out that ridiculously long bridge) and burning it and printing out the lyrics and everything.

Tomorrow I will be free of having to worry about stepping on my cloak, or adjusting my tea cozy, or not whacking someone with my staff. It's a short day anyway, so I don't think it's worth the time I spend struggling with the sash. It really is one of those things... the parts I spent so much time on beforehand are more manageable, once I figured out how to do them (though I just realized tonight looking at my reference pictures that I've been overlapping the tea cozy backwards, d'oh!), and the parts that were so simple to prepare (cutting three pairs of different rectangles of fabric) were a pain. We also went through an entire can of purple hair spray figuring out how to apply it best. Today's application was much more even, efficient, and better-looking, in my opinion, though it apparently doesn't show up as well in pictures. It was a nice dusky purple tint, the way I think it's supposed to be.

Anyhow, I feel a little bad about this girl who was dressed as Kurapika that I ran into twice, who told me she kept wanting to take my picture but never had her camera. Now she'll never have the chance... at least not for a year or more. ^^;; But what can I do. There will be a Mudkip hat with my name on it tomorrow, and that will be the extent of my "cosplay". They herd I liek them. :]

[Actually, I like Wooper better, but in general I like them both, and the hats were cute and relatively cheap.]

Getting back to cosplay... Bonus pic! )
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Pics. )

Sadly, there was no Slayers revival from Revolution and Evolution-R. I saw one other Xellos, and that was it for Slayers cosplay today. Also, many people did not recognize me, which is sad. (A group of people told me they thought I was from dot Hack. *facepalm*) BUT! Everyone who did recognize me was very excited about it, and I got glomped on several separate occasions. Forget counting picture requests; I have never cosplayed anyone that made people randomly run up and hug you. :D

One of said girls who glomped me said she would cosplay Filia tomorrow. I'm hoping to find her and do some action poses together. I hope she has a mace, though I doubt it.

Also, posing with the other Xellos was fun. I felt like our costumes complemented each other in what parts we had ghettoed and which parts we had tried to do faithfully. He had a nice wig (though, like almost all Xellos wigs I have ever seen in pictures online, I thought the purple was a little too bright) and the white gloves. But I don't think his cape was lined, and I think my foam sheets and polymer clay broach thing looked better than his cardboard and foam one. Anyway, I'll have that picture later and you can compare. Sadly, he said he wouldn't be Xellos tomorrow, so he will not have the benefit of Filia.

So that was Fanime Day 2 as far as my cosplaying was concerned. Report on everything else later. Though I will say now that the masquerade was quite excellent.
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Well. I guess now I have the "real" cosplaying experience: staying up late the night before the big day to finish the costume? D:

I wish the tea cozy had turned out right in more ways. For what it is, it looks really good. But it's too short (even though I patterned the length so meticulously), the yellow is uneven, the red rectangles are jaggedy and different sizes (just like in the anime! 9_9), and the pieces don't join quite right. I've put a buttload of work into it, so if those things had worked out, it would have been so awesome. For my level of skill, it's on the high end of what one would expect, so I'm not going to bemoan it too much. It's just too bad.

Fanime today was surprisingly good. I hit not one but two excellent panels (one on how the industry takes manga from Japanese tankoubon to in-store graphic novel and one on amazingly bad J-music videos), did some good scouting work in the dealer's room (which I will undoubtedly go through again tomorrow with my sister), and got to see some good AMVs. No Slayers characters were sighted, sadly, and we do not get a scheduled gathering. And I missed the Ouran gathering, damnit! I mean, all Ouran people look the same anyway except with different hair colors, but still. (Though there was a Hani in a karate gi walking around with a black-haired Ouran guy, and it took me a long time to figure out who he was.)

I guess there are enough good series out there now -- or more series generally known to American fans -- so there's no longer the one series from which there are just too many people. I remember when it was Trigun, Fullmetal Alchemist, Advent Children. This year I see them all, but all in moderate numbers. But it's too bad Slayers isn't one of those old series that are still hanging around -- like Ranma and Sailor Moon. I am too young to even know how those relate to each other timewise -- maybe Slayers is way older? -- but I'd like to think it's just because the Slayers costumes are a little harder to put together than a red gi or even a sailor fuku. Anyway, I will represent!

Okay, I should go to bed now. Tomorrow will be a loooooong day. And I suspect the shoes will kill me and Sunday will see a Xellos with white shoes instead of white gloves. But it will be good while it lasts...
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Man, cosplay is hard work. I feel like I haven't done anything but costuming all week. It's not true, but that's how it feels. Every day when I wake up, the first thing I do is check on my staff on the back patio. Maybe because of that, it's the most finished part of my costume. I felt a little behind and rushed earlier today, but I got a lot of stuff done, and I think I'm in decent shape.

But oh god, the yellow and red border on the cloak is the devil. I knew this from the day the notion of Xellos cosplay crept into my head, but the reality is almost worse than I imagined. I've kind of gone back and forth on that. First came the realization that the little drapey part of the cloak (which will hereinafter be known as the "tea cozy", because that is how I made it based on a cosplay forum's recommendation) is not flat on the bottom. It looks flat when draped, which means it's actually an arc. Which killed my first two bright notions for the lining: ribbon or fabric. I think fabric is do-able, but probably quite painful. So, also on advice of said forum, I decided to paint it on.

The recurring theme of this project is "who knew a little one ounce bottle could go so far?" The thing is, I know nothing about paints. Not what goes on what material, not which ones are safe to get all over your skin, not which ones eat styrofoam, not which ones wash off with water and which ones don't. And, because I don't understand paints, I don't trust them either. (I know, I'm such a bigot.) Every time I pick up my staff, some part of my braces for all of the color to come off onto my hand. I've done this a few times now and am mostly sure that is not going to happen, but I still handle it very gingerly. I guess it's another reason not to wear gloves.

Anyways, going back to the fabric paint... I really seriously thought it was not going to last halfway around the tea cozy. It took so much paint to cover such a little bit of fabric. Today I painted enough to reassure myself that I wouldn't need more acrylics, but I decided that I would need another bottle of yellow fabric paint. That bottle is now sitting happy and unopened next to the first bottle, which still has some life in it yet. It's not like it was super-expensive or anything, but it's kind of annoying. And I don't really want to return another bottle of fabric paint. Because I'm having a different kind of issue with the red. Which is to say, I don't believe the red color I want exists. Maybe it's a chemical thing, y'know, no pigment that is compatible with the fabric paint base. But seriously, I can understand that the first bottle I bought, being called "berry red" or something, would be too much on the pink side. But this time I got "scarlet pearl". I chose it over the "crimson" one because it was a little darker. What do you want to bet the "crimson" one is perfect? But I'm not going to go and find out. The scarlet will do. But it may need a double coat of yellow underneath. So I might still need that extra bottle. Probably not, but maybe, and it saved me stressing out about running out, so I guess I should say it was worth it. But I still can't believe it lasted the second coat, too. Even though the second coat was so much easier than the first.

So now that I've answered the first two questions I posed previously (paint or sew the border? paint. gloves? no.), I guess I should keep going. [Before that, an additional note on the gloves: while not wanting them to turn brown from holding the staff is also a concern, I mainly decided not to have them because I don't want to sacrifice the dexterity in a situation where I'll be continually fumbling for my camera, money, the schedule, etc. Also, they'd be expensive, I bet. And after a minor fiasco in fabric-buying, I am feeling kind of penny-pinching.]

So the red jewel-y things. I think I had those as number two on the "this will suck" list, after the yellow border. But several forum posters were blithely assuring that any craft store would have them. Fat chance. After a long search, I did find some jewel-y things that were transparent red and shiny, except they were faceted, they were half the size I needed, and they came in a $15 variety pack of 200 other jewel-y things. So I finally gave in and bought a $2 block of polymer modeling clay instead. That worked out quite well, I must say. [I took a few in-progress photos of various things, which I will post eventually.]

This project really has been an adventure in different media. Papier mache, clay, foam sheets, fabric... I'm amazed I've been able to handle them all. Back in the day, my sister and I played with polymer clay a bit, but no matter what we did we always managed to burn part of our creations. So I was kind of worried about that this time, but both my test piece and the actual ones turned out fine. Now I just have to hope that plain white glue will hold it to the foam. Glues are another thing about which I know nothing.

I am also glad I took sewing in junior high. Though I really need to sew more. For all my boasting about experience making cloaks for Ditch Day, that was the last time I touched a sewing machine, and having to relearn how to use one every single time gets a little old. But although a lot of sewing is intuitive, there are little tricks that I never would have figured out but for sewing class. Like cutting little notches in the edges that curve outward, so when you turn them in they won't scrunch up. Or pinking edges so they don't fray. (Though I'm still a bit of a skeptic on how effective that really is.)

And then there's papier mache. I think of all the media I'm working with, it's my favorite. For all my lamenting last time, I did get the staff to look pretty good. And it just surprises me every time how strong newsprint and flour can be. How versatile the shapes you can make. And it's just such a simple and easy to understand process. The only downside being all the rubbing I have to do to get the crusted paste off my hands afterwards. Given all the chemistry I took in undergrad, I probably shouldn't be saying this, but if it started out as just powder and water, why doesn't the water wash it away?

Anyway, I should go make the yellow sashes now. I've kind of forgotten I need them, which won't do.
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When I first started composing this post in my head, I was only casually contemplating cosplaying for Fanime. I figured that this was one of the few times that I'd have a mostly free week right before a con, which made it good for making a costume on short notice.

But who to cosplay? My hair is short now, so Yankumi is out. I could do Honami from Rental Magica, but I doubt we could get my sister into Adilisia shape in a week, which defeats the point. I'm not a big fan of wigs or hair dye, so I try to stick to people with hair styles and colors approximating mine. The only person I could think of in recent shows that fit the bill was Shuri from Asura Cryin', and even if I really understood her character, I don't think she's the type I'd want to cosplay, and right now I don't even know what's up with her. (Although episode 6 helped a great deal, and she is all science-crazy.)

Anyway, as you may have guessed from the way I started this section, I did end up deciding to do a cosplay. As Xellos. I've always wanted to do it, my hair is as close to the right style as it's ever going to be (stupid anime characters always having bangs), and it's soon enough after the mini-revival of Revolution and Evolution-R that it's pseudo-current and not some dredged-up classic.

The devil is in the details, of course. In broad brush-strokes, it didn't seem that hard, but now I'm running into all sorts of issues. Should I sew or paint the border on the cloak? Should I get gloves? Where am I going to find the red jewel-y things for the brooch? And why is papier mache always harder to get in the right shape than I think it will be?

At least I've found some temporary purple hair spray that will probably show up enough against my black hair to satisfy me, and save me from having to dye my hair. (I was seriously considering it -- this is probably the last time in my life I can get away with it. Except I have a concert next Wednesday and my choir director would kill me, so I'd have to dye it black again right after anyhow.)

So, it will happen, in some form or another. Probably not as grand as I imagined, which is how most of my craft-y projects turn out, but good enough. At least I have a decent amount of experience at making cloaks -- including lined cloaks -- after Ditch Day. (Haa...)

Speaking of Fanime, though, I don't suppose any of you are coming? classes.

As I said in the comments of my last post, graduating from law school is not really an exciting moment because it means you are soon to begin bar classes, which last all summer. Then after the bar exam, you can kind of relax, and people usually go on a "bar trip" (mine will be in Japan). But you don't actually find out if you've passed the bar until November. By that time, at least in the past, you had started working, so no time for a big celebration. So... there's not really a good moment to be like, "Yay!" after law school. But between graduation and bar classes isn't even in the running, I'd say.

Like 99% of my classmates, I received a huge box of study materials from BarBri in April. I finally opened them the other day, on BarBri's advice that I skim the outlines for subjects that I hadn't taken in law school. ...which was apparently every subject on the state bar. (I've taken most of the subjects on the multistate, though I probably have a lot of relearning to do.) After looking at some of the outlines, I realized that it's not that bad, as I do know some agency law, civil procedure includes the federal rules, and hopefully I am at least vaguely familiar with corporations, partnerships, and professional responsibility. But community property, remedies, trusts, and wills will be all new.

I won't ask myself, "So what did I learn in law school?" because I was busy with IP, of course, but the bar exam is almost like the traditional chemical engineering curriculum that Caltech axed the year before mine -- the one that ended with everyone having to design a refinery and all. I thought we liked specialization and diversification.
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So last night, figuring I wouldn't have time to go through the Hawaii pictures, I played with LJ's gallery by uploading some older pictures I'd been meaning to share. This ended up taking a long time in itself, and then I spent several hours reading Gokusen... -- but anyways, the point is that there are now 3 galleries of old pictures for you to peruse, with the Hawaii pictures still forthcoming. ^^;;

First, I put up some more pictures from our trip to Europe here, which aren't the same as the ones in my original entry.

Similarly, I put up some pictures up here from our earlier bus trip to Yellowstone, which also included other places in the southwest -- or whatever you call the area -- including Zion and Bryce Canyon. Someday, I will also repost the journal entry I wrote back then, which had mini-collages of many more pictures than I put in the gallery.

Last of all, I finally put up pictures from various conventions in a gallery called Cosplay. For some reason, I decided not to scale down any of these pictures as I did the other ones. [In case the subjects want them . . . or something . . . I don't know. ._.] But yeah, there's lots of coolness there, including the awesome UCLA Bleach cosplay, Shounen Bat, Sakaki being bitten by Kamineko, and more. :D

P.S. The travel galleries, including the Hawaii one, are flocked for reasons of nonspecific paranoia. I'll probably post some non-locked highlights in the entry, though, so no worries.


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