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So they decided the three-part division of season 1 wasn't good enough and decided to try to grub more money out of people? I am annoying just by the lack of symmetry.

Good thing I wasn't collecting their individual releases anyway.

(I already got screwed over once, with PLANETES.)

*waits patiently for boxset*
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Oh Sunrise, you do know how to drive your fans wild.

Turn 12.31 is all Schneizel x Kanon.


And Lloyd there watching the whole time, OMG. I'm waiting for the threesome. \o/

In slightly less rabid fangirl mode: I really didn't think they would take it all the way, but it's hard to misinterpret Kanon's sideways glance and sultry voice. Then again, we already know that Kanon is a slut.

Seriously, like I've said in previous Geass entries that I'm too lazy to go through right now, I am disillusioned with both Schneizel and Kanon individually, so I find it hard to put myself behind the pairing. I do still like Lloyd, and I think there is some potential in Schneizel x Lloyd, especially if Schneizel can revert to his disciplinarian prefect days. LOL.

Confusion about how the series ended. )
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Ze computer . . . is still dead. We thought we had it fixed, but apparently it is just unreliable, and it died after I sent my computer-fixer to the airport. :( I tried a few things, but the chances of it being resurrected before he gets back is pretty much nil. So any ambitious plans to skin, translate, or web design this winter break are out the window. *sigh*

Like I said before, it would be a good thing, if it kept me off the computer this break, so my limbs can recover before another semester, and then forever of being chained to a computer at a law firm. But more likely it will just lead me to do other wrist-bad activities on the laptop that are less productive because I don't have all of my workfiles.

So I think the thing that has the most potential for salvaging this break is excessive gaming. I ordered Eternal Sonata and Disgaea 3, and in the meantime I'm going to go back to Disgaea 1 for a bit. (I never completed the game a second time, so I still haven't seen the good ending -- I managed to forget a few times my first run through that thrown Prinnies explode, so I lost the good ending, for which you need to avoid killing any of your own people.) Item World, here I come! At 295 hours and level 1056, I think I still have quite a ways to go before I get an ultimate weapon, which is my current goal.

I hope Eternal Sonata allows for copious saving, because I've died a lot of times trying the demo. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it -- except the craptastic battle camera -- but once I no longer have the wait before my action timer goes down, I am so screwed. Shoulda practiced more on Kingdom Hearts...

I also ordered the Microsoft Natural Mouse I was going on about. I saw that it shipped today and was all excited about using it with my resurrected computer until I discovered that the computer was not-so-resurrected. :( But maybe it will help with wrist-death on my laptop.

[Yeah, I am still kind of recovering from the emotional roller coaster of thinking my computer was fixed only to hook everything up and discover otherwise. I am very attached to my electronics, yes, it is very pathetic. I am trying to make myself feel better by installing more crap on my laptop that I will probably be too lazy to uninstall when I start needing it again for class in January.]

In happier news, I am waiting for my sister to come home next Monday so we can go to Kinokuniya and pick up our special orders and (hopefully!) the new Geass artbooks. I went there last Friday to get a furoshiki to wrap the bottle of wine I'm giving my supervisor from clinic . . . and when I got home, I saw the postcard saying our special orders had come in. D'oh! But it works out because (1) they didn't have the Geass artbooks yet, so I have to go back anyway and (2) I forgot that I have 10%-off coupons for December and January. So, assuming they have the artbooks when we go back, I can pay for everything in one big purchase, and use the coupon, and it will be good. Previews of Mutuality, the CLAMP art one, make me piss my pants. So does just the cover image of Illustrations Relation.

And... well, someday, when I have a desktop computer again, and maybe a more ergonomic setup, I will make that skin, dammit.
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So recently there's been a bunch of stuff about Code Geass in this magazine called Continue, including author interviews (?), a bio of Lelouch, and spoilers. )

The third time this was posted on [livejournal.com profile] code_geass, I responded that I was not going to accept any beyond-the-episodes evidence as conclusive. If the author wants spoilers to be true, he should say so in the episodes. ) I don't care what it says in some official guide or interview. What you broadcast is what you've got -- don't go telling the fans different stories after the fact. It's basically the same as saying, "Oh, I had this beautiful vision of how the story would go . . . but then the producers cut the number of episodes in half." Sucks to be you, but it doesn't change my opinion of the final product. I would have loved to see the other version, but if I can't, I'm going to ignore it entirely.

Anyhow, a few minutes later, I thought, "OMG, did I just apply original public meaning to Code Geass? @_@" Justice Scalia would be proud. Down with legislative history and authorial intent! D:

Con Law 101: Originalism is basically a theory about interpreting the U.S. Constitution that says you should look to the world of 1789 (or thereabouts) to figure out what the document means. Original public meaning is the form that says the meaning is what the public of that time would have understood the Constitution to mean. Other forms are framer's intent (what the framers intended it to mean when they wrote it) and ratifiers understanding (what the ratifiers understood it to mean when they ratified it). Compare reading a poem and thinking about what thoughts it inspires in your mind, versus trying to figure out what the poet was trying to say.
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Okay, so it's just because [livejournal.com profile] code_geass is being super-active, unsurprisingly, but still. That'll teach me to check LJ when I have class 45 minutes and still have to drive to campus.

On an unrelated note, I am addicted to Rolo's image song. Which is weird because (1) I hate Rolo and (2) there was a Kyou Kara Maou image song that sounded similar (probably Wolfram's), and I hated it. If only he didn't whisper "Nii-san" in the middle -- that one part grates on me like you wouldn't believe.

Anyways, off to class. Maybe someday soon I will make a post that is not about Geass. :o

Geass 25.

Sep. 28th, 2008 06:05 pm
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It's over! I can semi-retire the tag now! And not be desperately waiting for the new episode every Sunday!

Brief spoiler-y thoughts. )

Geass DVDs.

Sep. 4th, 2008 01:17 am
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Oh, I was so naive. Of course the Sound Episode would be dubbed. Didn't quite expect that of the Picture Book, or at least expected that they would keep the Japanese track, too, but, well. (Or did they? I could have sworn the last time I read the AnimeOnDVD Mania review, it said they were dubbed only. I guess I'll have to wait for the Netflix DVD to come to find out.) And then they took out the image song? *shakes head* At least it spares my wallet. I would still kind of want the box, but that alone is not worth the premium for the LE collection.

Make it a good boxset, okay, Bandai?

Do Bandai boxsets usually include the extras? Because I want the cast commentaries. And, if with the original voices, the Pictures Books would be nice to have, too.
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Ah! AniDB updated their R2 page to list it as 25 episodes. So I guess Bandai knew what it was talking about after all.

The series has kind of gone crazy lately -- catching up even two episodes yesterday left me feeling kind of breathless. So many people have gotten their just deserts, which is satisfying, but they had to go and screw up a lot more to get there. =/ Well, whatever the case, it will be over soon, apparently. Plus, C.C. is back! \o/

Remember when I tried to describe series that focus on the same thing and spiral outwards as opposed to move in little, non-concentric circles? Another way to describe the spirals, perhaps, is the graph at the end of this post, where plot just takes off exponentially. Usually ending with a hurried and not-very-satisfying exposition. I can think of a billion shows that ended this way, that I loved a lot except for the mindfuck at the end. Not that I ever expected that Geass would not be the same.

I will make the skin, but with school looming around the corner, I'm not sure the timeframe. Sorry. =/

Incidentally, clean ED1 images are now available here. Too bad we've mostly gotten over them and have moved on to ED2 already...
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I will make this skin as soon as I name it. Suggestions?

I have some ideas as to what I'd like the title to evoke, but I'm not finding anything appropriate. Maybe I'm being too locked into this name-skins-after-songs thing, after I was finally converted.

For those who recognize the image: yes, I just spent several hours editing out the godawful red background. Doesn't the color scheme look so much more Geass-y now? C/Lulu OTP SQUEE.

Geass 13.

Jul. 8th, 2008 10:27 pm
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I hate you, Rolo.


Jun. 17th, 2008 11:38 pm
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I got two artbooks over the weekend: Angel Text, the Hatenkou Yuugi artbook, and Illustrations Rebels, the Code Geass artbook. They're both really, really sweet as far as artbooks go. [I suppose Illustrations Rebels could have used a little more Lulu x Kallen, but hey.]

I feel like Kinokuniya has come full circle and gone back to big, flashy artbook displays as the best way to turn a profit on silly otaku. Back in the day, that was what they did, too, I think. Then for a while they tried to capitalize on slightly more delusional savvier otaku who might actually buy, y'know, raw manga and even *gasp* light novels! Since the peak days when light novels got about 3 full shelves, they've gradually been cutting back on that, as well as on certain manga titles (like Akino Matsuri's *sob*). Even then, though, they weren't necessarily stocking more artbooks yet. When I got Akino Matsuri's artbook, it was the only copy they had, and I got the sense that it was so not because they'd sold out of all the others, but that they'd only ever stocked one copy. [The San Francisco branch probably had more.] But now it's back to artbooks getting almost an entire mid-floor shelf unit thing to themselves. I guess they're relatively big-ticket items, so moving one artbook is worth moving up to six shoujo manga.

Anyhow, shiny artbooks induced me to attempt to scan a few pages as best I could with my obsession of absolutely not hurting the books in any way. By closing the books gently around the scanner bed, I could get pretty good scans of the pages, although missing an inch or two from the spine. Expect skins when I have time. [Considering work is keeping me so busy I barely update anymore, that might be a while.]

In the meantime, I'd like to share two images:

1. I really want a full-size, non-pagefold version of this image. (It has Suzaku and Kallen on the other page, which I'm less worried about than the fact that Lelouch goes across the pagefold and I need all of him for a skin. Though Kallen is pretty hot in the picture, too.)

2. I swear I'm not a Schneiser fangirl, even after that doujinshi, but put him with Lelouch and get a black/white chess theme going, and it's hard to resist.

I was going to include the cover of Illustrations Rebels, too, but you can see that well enough at jpqueen.

I'm not sharing the Hatenkou images because I'm too lazy to resize and upload them to Photobucket. Most of you probably haven't seen the series anyway. But you should.
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[New tag! For Code Geass. Dunno how much I'll use it going forward, but I figure I have enough in the archives already to warrant it. Maybe for Saiunkoku, too, but I wasn't sure on that one.]

So for a change of pace this year, instead of spending lots of money in the Artists' Alley, I bought some doujinshi instead. Even though I got them all from the Yaoi-Con booth, only two (out of six) of them were actually yaoi, and one was BL. The Yaoi-Con booth just happened to have the largest, best-organized, and most recent collection of any of the dealers.

Buying doujinshi was . . . an interesting experience. I can't say I have buyer's remorse per se, since I like all of the doujinshi I bought, and they were all reasonably priced, but . . . I don't know. Maybe they're just too short? The non-yaoi ones were . . . like reading fanfic, except with art, and not free. And the yaoi ones . . . I guess they were like fanfic, too. They just didn't seem like things I would want to continue spending money on. Maybe I'm just a cheapskate, and I want my fixes for free.

The way I thought about it at first, they were a good deal because they were about the price of a print from the Artists' Alley, but instead I got a whole book's worth of art. But they were also about the price of a volume of manga, with a lot fewer pages, and probably less re-read value. So I guess it's the one-shot nature of them that makes me less willing to pay. Art prints I can hang up -- at least theoretically, since I haven't actually gotten around to doing that for 99% of the art I've bought. But maybe they'll grow on me. All the doujinshi I got were very cute, clever, and/or insightful, so maybe I'll read them again now and then when I want to savor the relationships they portray.

Anyways, on to the fandom babble!

Saiunkoku Monogatari )

Phoenix Wright )

Darker than Black )

Code Geass (long) )

In the end, even though I did pretty well, I feel like buying doujinshi is so hit-or-miss. If I subscribed to more popular ships (SuzaLulu), or was less picky about art style, I would never have been able to decide what to get. And what you end up getting is so unpredictable. I need back-cover summaries! D:

Last thing: I'm thinking of emailing some of the artists whose work I bought. I'm not really sure what I'd say, but I kind of want to let them know that they're reaching people even in the States, and tell them to draw more C/Lulu keep up the lovely work. I wish I understood more about how doujinshi in Japan works, and how to navigate their websites (日本語能力足りない!), but at least I can babble at them in bad Japanese...
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[This is sort of the "everything else" post -- everything besides some extended babbling I will be doing about fandom, using my convention purchases as a springboard.]

So, general thoughts: as always, Fanime is a nice opportunity for Bay Area fans to gather, show off their cosplay, buy some official goods and fanart, and not spend 50% of the con waiting in lines. Unfortunately, it is still very weak on structured programming, especially guests. I only sat through one panel in its entirety, and even that one was only so-so. I probably should have gone to see Kiuchi Hidenobu, but even he can't compare with the big big-name seiyuu that show up at AX. Still, since it's a local con, on a holiday weekend that doesn't typically find me busy, it's worth the while.

Short, specific thoughts. )

Pictures soon, I hope. And last year's pictures. (Yes, I know, I suck.) Also, a Scrapblog. :]


Apr. 18th, 2008 09:56 pm
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Off of AnimeOnDVD:

Bandai Entertainment on Code Geass (05:22 PM EDT): In talking about Code Geass at the Bandai Entertainment panel today, Robert Napton indicated that they will be releasing the series as two distinct seasons for the fifty episodse that it runs. The first season box set will be done as a part one box set with nine episodes across two DVDs. It will be released in both a regular edition and a limited edition priced at 39.99 and 74.99 respectively as well as the single volume discs at 24.98. The limited edition set will contain the first manga volume, the original C soundtrack and the Sound Episode CD. The three format release is designed to appeal to the very different segments of fans, particularly with regards to those that will come in off of the Adult Swim broadcast who will likely just see the singles in places like Best Buy. The Limited Edition box will be set up to house the entire series.

The season one part two release for Code Geass will run for $59.98 and contain the two DVDs in it for episodes ten through seventeen episode II CD and the Geass manga. Similarly, there will be the bundle pack and the regular releases. The Part Three release will contain episodes eighteen through twenty-five on two DVDs in the same format as the first two parts and will contain Original Soundtrack II, Sound Episode III and the Code Geass manga.

First reaction: !!! Does this mean R2 will run 25 episodes? For sure? And the series will be over after that?

Second reaction: Such a confusing way of doing things. @_@

The limited editions sound really tempting. I've really enjoyed all of the radio dramas I've heard so far, meaning the picture book DVD specials and one Sound Episode track. I love the Geass seiyuu. ^^ And C.C.'s image song is gorgeous. So the Sound Episode CDs would be awesome to have. And the hitomi songs on the OSTs, too. I'm less excited about the manga -- I've taken a look and I can't stand the art.

The one thing that confuses me most is... there are six Sound Episode CDs. But they're only releasing three? Or are they doubling up? Are they assuming there won't be any new ones to go with the new season, so they can release the rest when they do the same thing with R2? But it seems like there are new characters in R2 for which image songs would make sense (Rollo, the pink-haired girl and blond guy from the Knights of Round that are in the ED)... Well, I guess I just have to trust them to know what they're doing. As long as they don't switch packaging style in the middle like with PLANETES. *mutter*

[Random (because I probably will never be able to work it into another post): I still can't say "Knights of Round" without picturing lots of primitive CG mecha dancing across a TV screen for ten minutes. Underwater. Because Emerald Weapon is the only time I ever used them, but I sure used them to death.

ETA: Oh, it's "Knight of Rounds", not "Knights of Round" in Geass. So it sounds dumber, but at least I won't be confused.]
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This season is going to be the death of me. o_O So many second seasons coming out that I am almost definitely going to follow, plus so many interesting-looking new shows, some of which I've always been curious about.

Definitely on the watch list:

Code Geass R2 - First ep was gooood. I had been getting frustrated with things toward the end of season 1, but it feels like everything's gone back to when I still liked it. (Except Suzaku. He still needs to die.) Some of my more spoilery thoughts are here. In general, though, consider me in a state of excited anticipation for what's to come.

Kyou Kara Maou! 3rd Series (At least once I finish the OVA. ^^;;)

xxxHOLiC: Kei

[BTW, what's up with people trying to be clever with the title of second seasons? I thought Code Geass R2 was a way to talk refer to Region 2 DVDs or something. D: And Hidamari Sketch x 365? What's wrong with a straight-up "Second Season" like Saiunkoku?]

Other things that look interesting:

Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of Uruk - Like I said, it's going to take at least the second episode to really figure out what this series is going to be like, but it seems promising. Though I don't have a good history with fantasy-comedies. [ETA: Okay, after the second episode, I guess it's not really a fantasy-comedy. It does, however, have an annoying idealistic clueless main character. But Neeba. D: I'll wait and see how it develops, I think.]

Nabari no Ou - It looks promising from the trailer. Since I've avoided Naruto, I've never really watched a pure shounen-style ninja series, even though I think ninjas are cool. So I'm hoping this is the show.

Wagaya no Oinari-sama - Actually, this is on the list almost entirely because I liked the art on its AniDB page. ^^;; (That's a major way I screen shows, actually. ^^;;) Plus, I've had good luck with shows based on light novels lately.

Vampire Knight - I've always been curious about the manga. I'm kind of put off by how much it looks like Zombie Loan in its promotional art and stuff, but I doubt they're actually similar in very many ways.

Real Drive - I always try out these mindbending sci-fi type shows, but don't generally take to them. But just sound so interesting...

Toshokan Sensou ("Library Wars") - Libraries standing up against government censorship in 2019... Wouldn't it be awesome if this was like Read or Die? Or it could be like Fahrenheit 451. :x

Junjou Romantica - A BL series! I feel like there hasn't been one since, like, Princess Princess and Gakuen Heaven or something. It's been way too long. :3

Nijuu-Mensou no Musume - Something about a thief girl. Dunno, it sounded interesting and Lupin-esque.

So yeah... I'm going to have to pare that list way down, or be backlogged forever. In the meantime, I've been trying to finish off what's already on my plate. As I've alluded several times, I finished CLANNAD and loved it, but there is canon that they left out of the anime that I object to strongly. I also finished Spice and Wolf and adored it. I hope they continue with it as more novels come out, because Horo and Lawrence's relationship was really cute, and I really want to know more about Horo's history and what happens when she makes it back home. Though at times it was kind of funny because the novels focus on sort of ordinary merchant life in medieval times, so they have to play up the tension in moments that in other series would be really pedestrian. Like, in other series you'd have the hero facing off with his enemy with swords or something, and in Spice and Wolf it's "We're going to defy the church and smuggle gold! OMG, how daring!" XD

Now it's just Hatenkou Yuugi, Rental Magica, and Saiunkoku left. I dunno, I haven't been in the Saiunkoku mood lately. Maybe it's because I'm in a part without a driving plot (around episode 25), just Shuurei running around trying to save her job. I could feign interest in counterfeit paintings for a while, but not cutting salt. D: Also, I just couldn't care less about any of the new characters. Bring back Kouyuu! Meh.
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I've been meaning to do this meme, stolen from [livejournal.com profile] kalquessa, for more than two weeks now, but I just kept being busy. (Not that I'm no longer busy, but I can only do law non-stop for so long, especially when I have a cold that inhibits brain activity.)

So here are my fandom loves. Like [livejournal.com profile] kalquessa, these refer more to the series themselves than the fandom, because I tend not to be involved in many fandoms.

The one who seduced you, screwed you over, broke your heart in a million pieces, and then laughed about it.

Code Geass. I used to be excited about original series that were not based on novels or manga. [I'm not exactly sure why. Perhaps because then there wasn't the chance that the source was unfinished and the anime would have an inconclusive ending. Or maybe out of a sense of self-preservation, because I always end up wanting to go back and read the original. Or maybe I just wanted to know that I was watching something original and that an anime could be good by itself without having drawn on something else.] Code Geass taught me that not having even a supposed template to work off of can be just as bad as an unfinished template. Because it lets producers decide, "Hey, this is popular and making money. Let's drag it out." I was absolutely in love with Code Geass until around episode 20. Then I started getting more and more suspicious that it was not going anywhere I liked. By the time the postponed episodes aired, I practically hated it. And yet, there's no way I'm not going to watch the sequel. D:

The old flame, the steady, and more. )
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I don't usually follow anime news, so I didn't find out until just now that apparently they're making a new season of Code Geass. They're also pushing off the airing of episodes 24 and 25 of the current season to summer. T_T

Because I first heard about this today, I've been trying to find more reliable sources of information. The official blog confirms the postponed airing of 24&25 and the creation of a sequel, but the latter post says it hasn't been decided whether that will be a TV broadcast, an OVA, or a movie, and I can't find anything newer. ANN uses the word "season", but I wonder if everyone's just assuming things? Delaying 24&25 makes the most sense if they're using it to "bridge" people into the new season, but I could also see it as a marketing ploy for an OVA or movie. Or, maybe it's just because they need to remake the episodes to allow for any kind of sequel, and it says nothing at all about what kind it will be.

On one hand, it's not all that surprising that they'd make a sequel given how apparently popular the show is. On the other hand, it kind of disappoints me that I won't get closure anytime soon. Even more disappointing is that they either didn't have a conclusive ending in mind or that they've changed it, but perhaps it's naïve of me to think producers ever think these things through.

The best case, which has maybe 0.01% chance of happening, is that they had had an ending in mind, of the "and thus the protagonists struggle onwards" variety (think Melody of Oblivion), and they can use that to segue neatly into a sequel that has a chance of resolving more.

...bah. This kind of ruins what has thus far been an amazing anime series. I did want more depth, but I didn't want things to drag out -- like [livejournal.com profile] jyasu mentioned, one of the refreshing things about Code Geass is its brisk pacing -- or become weird -- the stuff about the thought elevator is beginning to worry me already. And I can't think of any show, much less one so story-driven, for which an unanticipated sequel has ever been a good thing. :(

I think, if they have to make a sequel, that I want it to be another season. But I really don't know.

Well, if I'm not going to get any more until summer, there's no reason for me to sit on the episodes I still haven't watched. Here's to the end of spring break. D:

[On a related note, why don't people like episode 20? I thought it was great. Is it because it dealt with, ewww, feelings? Too much angst, not enough action? Too strong on the BL subtexts? (But all the overt romance was het!) Well, the last 2 ratings have pulled its score up somewhat -- when I last checked, it was around 6.00. I mean, all those sexy shots of Lelouch didn't bias me that much, did they? ._.]

ETA: Ahh, how I wish that moment in episode 22 had been the end. And yet I know that it was never the "real" ending. But the cliffhanger in 23 doesn't really bother me, actually. I'll wait patiently until summer . . . and then grab the first raw I see. ;)

I think I can't completely like series that forever circle around a single plot idea, spiraling outwards until events consume the entire world. [World being whatever is the scope of the series -- household, school, kingdom, planet, universe, etc.] I guess that's why I like series like Saiunkoku Monogatari, which move forward and change focus every now and then, maintaining both continuity and perspective. [I don't know how to describe the image . . . it's like drawing little loops, if that helps.] Maybe this is related to my dislike of things actually ending -- often I just want them to continue forever the way they are. Of course, I can tell from the start which category a series like Code Geass falls into, and it isn't to say I never like stories like that, but . . . well, that's what underlies why I wanted it to be only 25 episodes, I guess. Now they won't be satisfied until there's a worldwide revolution, probably involving some supernatural events and maybe a thousand years of history or so. =/ It's kind of like RPGs that start with you going on a hunting trip and running into some soldiers, and end with you destroying an ancient evil that threatens the world but also happens to be the source of all magic, thus forcing all of civilization to rebuild itself.
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I just wanted to briefly note how much Code Geass takes my breath away. The level of suspense and human drama in this show is beyond belief, but it's not like it feels rushed or anything. The number of helpful coincidences (geass ex machina?) is a bit much sometimes, but even when things seem awfully convenient, they still come as totally unexpected to the viewer. If the show had one fault, it would be that there is so much going on that we really only get to know the characters through the way they respond to external events, and while that's enough to show how complex they are, it doesn't provide enough insight into their histories and motivations to satisfy me.

I'd set aside the show while finishing off The Third, and also because I knew I couldn't stand its cliffhangers so I needed to keep a buffer, but now I'm back to wondering if I can really hold out until the show finishes its run in early April. (Originally it was March 30, I'm pretty sure, because I remember noting that it was right after my birthday, but delays happen, I guess.) Not that I have any shortage of other things to watch, but Code Geass is insidious that way: when I haven't watched it in a while, I forget why it was so addictive, so I figure I'll just watch an episode to keep things fresh, and then I end up hooked for several hours.

Other things on the active watch list:
- Angelique (raw)
- Saiunkoku Monogatari
- Venus Versus Virus

And since I'm posting about anime anyway, I watched an episode of Le Chevalier D'Eon because ADV made it so shiny I wanted to want to collect it, if you know what I mean. The premise had sounded vaguely interesting when I read it on AniDB -- it takes place right before the French Revolution, and is based on a historical figure who worked as a spy, politician, and soldier for the king, and lived as a woman for half his life. Great set-up for some good historical drama, right? Only it apparently fits better in the horror and supernatural genres. And the AnimeOnDVD review said something about people using loosely translated psalms as spells. I think I'll pass.

[And yet I still feel somehow obligated to finish the disc -- 4 episodes -- before sending it back to Netflix.]


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