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The graduate major option on the Georgia Tech online application says "Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering". While there are lots of cool things, like SN2, that only involve 2 molecules, somehow I don't think that's what they meant.

I guess I really shouldn't be making fun of them. It's spelled right on their website, so it's probably just a mistake that was made while transferring the information to the third party who hosts the app. Plus, Georgia Tech has the most sophisticated online form of all my schools. UT Austin's is ridiculously primitive -- the sections are labeled "Page 1", "Page 2", etc., and you can't go to one until you've filled out everything in the pages before it, even though you can then backtrack all you want -- but WashU and CMU aren't much better, sadly. WashU had a really nondescript text box that was like, "Some people have personal statements. You can put whatever you want here, if you feel like it." And I haven't found the Statement of Purpose section for CMU at all. And they do things like not tell you the character limit of a form field and then just truncate it when you submit. I had to redo my rec forms 3 times because I'd paste in the prof's title, and it'd seem fine, and then I'd look at it again and it'd be like "Professor of C". Oh, and WashU had date fields that they wanted to be MM/YYYY, and when you submitted it, it would drop the leading zero off the month, so it was impossible to have the format they wanted.

I helped James check over his apps, so I'm kind of jealous of his nice forms. I'm not sure if that's solely because of the schools he applied to, or because EE tends imply a certain degree of computer-ness that apparently ChemEs don't have, even if they do modeling.

Oh, and then I couldn't find anywhere on the Berkeley Law site that mentioned that you could apply online through LSAC -- it just has a section that's like, "Print out this application" -- but LSAC has an application for Berkeley anyway.

EDIT: I take back all the nice things I said about Georgia Tech's application. Their essay section includes word limits, which I followed faithfully and am in fact well under, but when I submit, they convert it into a character limit that's incredibly stingy considering they're asking for essays from college students who presumably use words longer than five letters. In fact, their counter includes spaces, so the average word length is actually 4.6. >_<

*shakes fist*


Nov. 28th, 2005 03:36 pm
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Finally ready to start applying to places, I think. (I know, I am so incredibly behind. Leave me alone.) Met with Seinfeld to talk about grad schools. The man is amazing. He knows, like, everyone. I guess it helps that a lot of the people we talked about used to work in his group. But he even deduced from the fact that I worked with Max Coleman over the summer that my project had to do with isotopes. (Or maybe I told him that at some point a long time ago, but that's still badass networking.) So yeah, I named the schools, and he named the profs, which I also knew already, since I have all their pages bookmarked, and then he told me the advantages and disadvantages about each school. The schools were basically all the ones I'd whittled my list down to, which isn't surprising: there aren't an overwhelming number of ChE departments that do atmospheric stuff. (There are lots of places that do fake "environmental engineering" stuff, though. As in, "Look, one of the goals of my process engineering/membranes/polymers/nanotech group is to minimize pollution. That makes it ENVIRONMENTAL.") But he was able to put the schools into tiers for me. I knew that CMU was the best, but he made Georgia Tech sound pretty sweet, too. (Mainly because the guy there, Nenes, has a joint appointment in ChE and Geological and Atmospheric Sciences, which makes him kind of a gateway for access. The problem with a lot of places, like UC Riverside, is that there are some people in ChE, and then a lot of good people in other departments, and very little communication between them all. So GA Tech would be a good place to avoid that.) It also turns out that the guy from WashU is coming here on Wednesday, and Seinfeld is letting me steal his time to talk with him. When I was making up my list, I ended up tossing out WashU for UT Austin, but Seinfeld didn't have a very positive response to Riverside, whereas he put WashU and UT Austin on the same level. So my final list is:

1. Carnegie-Mellon
1. Georgia Tech
3. UT Austin
4. Washington University

(What is with all these Washinton Universities and Universities of Washington anyway? I kept getting them mixed up. Especially since I am UNAMERICAN and don't recognize the Gateway Arch when I see it.)

In addition to grad schools, I'm also applying to law schools, since I went through all the trouble of taking the LSAT -- which was a huge pain in the ass, I'd like you to know -- and actually managed a decent score in spite of the fact that I failed to finish the games section, which is my strongest section in which I usually got zero wrong. So yeah. No need to consult anyone about schools for that. Since it's already in the "fulfill Asian parents' expectations and become a doctor/lawyer/EE and make piles of money" category, I pretty much picked the list out of my head (meaning the super-famous schools) and the U.S. News and World Report rankings:

1. UC Berkeley
2. Stanford
3. Yale
4. Harvard
5. William and Mary

(William and Mary is on there because it's a pseudo-safety school -- not really, since it's still ranked 27th, but it's not quite as selective as the others -- it's pretty cheap compared to all the other schools on the list, and hey, they gave me an application fee waiver so why the hell not. ^^;;)

I'd rather go to Berkeley or Stanford than Harvard and Yale because if I'm going to be drowning in debt for the next 6 years, I'd rather be drowning close to home. Plus they're cheaper, I think. Berkeley definitely is, which is why it's number one.

Yes, I have very, very mixed up values and priorities. Leave me alone.


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