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Amazon decided to give me another free trial of Prime, and I took the opportunity to watch the first season of the Legend of Korra. :] Seemed to have a lot more fight scenes and less introspection than the first series, and I liked the old cast of characters better, but overall I still loved it.

[mild spoilers ahead]

Grown-up Aang looks and sounds so weird! D: Toph looked funny, too. I thought Sokka was the most plausible.

Hmm, love triangle with two girls and one guy this time... I do like Mako/Korra, so I can't complain too much. (Whereas I ship Zuko/Kitara, so meh to how they resolved that one.) I'm sure there will be more drama and they might still shuffle things around in later seasons, though. And geez, Asami is so hot. I hope she ends up with someone who deserves her. The end of Season 1 kind of left her completely screwed over.

Burning questions I had that didn't get answered:
- How can Mako and Bolin be brothers but bend different elements? Are they children of an inter-element marriage? :)
- Is it just me, or did all bending become way more advanced? I thought lightning bending was supposed to be super-rare? But Mako could both generate and redirect. Then there was the rocket-booster firebending... sigh. I put that on the level of Legolas' shield-surfing. 9_9 But at least with Iroh you assume he got hella training not to mention good genes. Maybe the big reveal about Mako's origins is yet to come.
- So... had Iroh and Korra met before? It was kind of ambiguous.
- And. I can't believe the series started with a teaser about what happened to Zuko's mom. EVIL.

But Zuko's kid! (Grandkid?) ^o^ I hope we get to see more of him in later seasons. :3 (Actually, right now I'm even inclined to think he should end up with Asami.)

Too bad the newer episodes aren't free on Prime yet, so it might be years before I get to watch them. Oh well.


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